• De-escalation: It’s Nothing New to Police

    You’ve got to admire the leftist gymnastics ideologues perform to arrive at a false determination such as, “the police are broken,” and then manufacture “problems” to be “fixed.” Many times these “problems” are simply tactics, training or policies with which the left disagree. One such “problem” currently trending is the concept of de-escalation. Cop critics and crisis entrepreneurs are now pedaling the idea that cops have been automatically resorting to force rather than de-escalation to resolve potentially violent confrontations. They Read more…

  • Rainbow Colors.

    In light of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on gay marriage and the myriad rainbow colored, well, everything under the rainbow including, the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower and the White House, I was wondering if anyone has seen posted a rainbow colored Confederate battle flag. Just sayin’

  • DOJ: Lets its Friends Drive Home Drunk.

    This morning I heard Dave Bose, on his KTTH AM 770 radio program, describe our present reality in America, in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obamacare rewrite rescue, as having walked through the “Looking Glass.” How perfect! Living in Bizarro World, as I’ve put it, provides a similar context, but Alice’ looking glass lends the entire mess a poetic patina. Seems, somehow, to soften the blow—or blows—that keep coming, it appears, day-after-day.

    On the other side of the “reality” mirror, Read more…