• Onslaught against American liberty is never ending.

    Seattle– Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously spoke about an American’s right to be let alone. Perhaps, someone could remind the left about this right. Sadly, that someone would likely be wasting his or her breath.

    I heard a caller to a radio program the other day talk about why he felt conservatives and libertarians aren’t hitting the streets to protest the incessant government growth and relentless interference in people’s lives.

    The caller suggested that the right doesn’t often engage in mass Read more…

  • Police shooting critic learns valuable lesson.

    This video should be seen by every cop critic in America. Better yet, every cop critic should follow this protest leader’s courageous example and take this training too. I give the protest leader who was willing to challenge his own beliefs to learn the truth a lot of credit.

    Rather than comment at this time, I’m going to let the video do the talking for me.

    Click on the link below: If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste url below:

    Shoot don’t Read more…

  • Seattle Police Chief Begs Officers to Enforce the Law

    “SEATTLE— Kathleen O’Toole, this city’s new police chief, recently visited some of her department’s stations to deliver an unusual message: It’s OK to arrest people who violently break the law.”

    So begins a Wall Street Journal (Dec. 30, 2014) article regarding how low policing in Seattle has fallen in what was, before the liberals and the DOJ severely damaged it, one of the most respected and emulated police departments in America. This subject deserves more than this casual response. However, being Read more…