• SPD’s O’Toole Gets it Right; OPA’s Murphy Gets it—Way—Wrong!

    It’s strange when we live during a time in history when rank and file cops praise their police chief for exhibiting common sense? While conducting a domestic violence incident on New Years Eve 2014, several Seattle police officers, and the citizen with them, came under gunfire. Three of the officers returned fire toward an approaching vehicle from where they believed the shots were coming.


    What the officers knew at the time

    Though the vehicle the officers shot at was soon determined not Read more…

  • Right Lets in the Light While the Left Closes the Blinds

    If liberals get their way, our lives change

    I tell my liberal friends that if I get my way, they get to live their lives the way they choose, but if they get their way, my life changes according to their view of how I should live. The liberals passed Obamacare, and my life changed. Now, I’m a criminal if I don’t purchase a product as prescribed and defined by the federal government. In the United States of America?

    Where has socialism Read more…

  • Washington State Police Academy to Cancel Classes

    No doubt Seattle needs more police officers

    My last blog was about Seattle’s perennial inadequate staffing of the police department. Here’s something else to toss into the discussion. There have been many stories about the ramifications of inadequate staffing of the Seattle Police Department (SPD). This situation is also affecting other law enforcement agencies around the state. Word “on the street” is that a consulting agency recommended SPD add some 300+ officers. Others argue the number is 200, but no one Read more…