• Seattle-ist Utopia

    It’s all about government control

    Totalitarian and other coercive regimes, such as Communism, Fascism, and Nazism; Democratic Socialism, Fabian Socialism, and Progressivism, by definition, are all infamous for their desire to control of the populace to one point or another–the former trio, to the point of extreme violence. They prove that government equals force, which is necessary when reasonable.


    In some cases, with intrusive big government, it simply usurps the means of production by directly taking over and controlling industry. In Read more…

  • May Day Madness: Par for Seattle’s Course

    Once again, Seattle experienced demonstrations by the left. However, what they demonstrated, yet again, was their penchant for conflating terms. This week we also saw the annual May Day demonstration of just about everything wrong with the left. Recently, I wrote about the left’s conflation of illegal immigration with (legal) immigration—there is a big difference. In fact, it’s the difference between someone who shops and someone who shoplifts.


    Pathological ideologues

    Well, in an oddly pathological, misapplied support for actions that they conflate Read more…

  • SPD’s O’Toole Gets it Right; OPA’s Murphy Gets it—Way—Wrong!

    It’s strange when we live during a time in history when rank and file cops praise their police chief for exhibiting common sense? While conducting a domestic violence incident on New Years Eve 2014, several Seattle police officers, and the citizen with them, came under gunfire. Three of the officers returned fire toward an approaching vehicle from where they believed the shots were coming.


    What the officers knew at the time

    Though the vehicle the officers shot at was soon determined not Read more…