• Why Does it Have to be Because You’re a Minority?

    Boycott the Academy Awards? I do it every year.

    Generally, I don’t comment on cultural issues unless they run tangent to my law enforcement or libertarian topics. Since libertarianism involves individualism and not group-think, I believe the Oscars boycott initiated by Jada Pinkett Smith, of whom I am a fan, and Spike Lee, of whom I am, not so much, trips the wire.

    Upset a good movie didn’t get nominated. Join the club.

    Apparently, they are upset that there aren’t more black artists Read more…

  • Fortunate to Have the U.S. Constitution

    Fortunate to have the U.S. Constitution

    If you ever wonder how fortunate we Americans are to have the U. S. Constitution, look no further than our cousins across our northern border or to our former parent across the pond. Nearly 600,000 people in the United Kingdom have signed a petition attempting to prevent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from visiting the kingdom. The British Parliament is actually—yes, really—debating the issue.


    United Kingdom

    “Suzanne Kelly, the woman behind the petition drive, told USA TODAY Read more…

  • Seattle Chief O’Toole, Being Recognized for “fixing” a Problem that Didn’t Exist

    First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has invited Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole to sit with her at her husband’s State of the Union Show tonight. I say show because, though I hoped for a nod toward unifying our divided country, President Obama intends to spotlight an empty chair representing those killed by “gun violence.” I wonder if Chief O’Toole will ask why not an empty chair to represent fallen police officers? I wonder if the thought would Read more…