• What Happened to Equal Justice, Law and Order, the Rule of Law?

    I have opinions on
    politics—surprise, surprise. Most of us do, right? But I try to limit my
    punditry to topics directly related to law enforcement and the criminal justice
    system. The specific area of my expertise and experience. Although, I grant
    myself a bit of political latitude when writing for my own blog.  

    But, these days, politics and law enforcement, much too often, intersect. As a retired cop and an American citizen, I am on the verge of freaking out (yes, technical term) over Read more…

  • In Seattle, You Better Shovel the Snow, but You Don’t Have to Shovel Your Sh…t.

    Her Honor, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has that deftest of political skill where she can utter two disparate things, at the same time, and each with a straight face. Here’s what I’m talking about. Seattle is experiencing some infrequent severe winter weather. Arctic cold blowing down from Canada and bringing with it snow. Happens maybe once or twice, or less, a year in these climes.

    Mayor Durkan has become infamous for her policies
    essentially prohibiting, or at least impeding, the cops’ ability to
    enforce Read more…

  • Police Acting in Good Faith Not Good Enough for Some.

    Note: Originally published at OpsLens.com in 2018. OpsLens is under new management and the website is currently under revision.

    If anyone was wondering if the leftist anti-police atmosphere was fading, you need not wonder. The Left’s de-policing culture is thriving, especially in Washington State. In Washington, the people pass laws either indirectly through the state legislature or directly by citizen’s initiative.

    Though I support the initiative process, people need to be wary of a Democrat state government that Read more…