No Mystery Here

     I’m tired of hearing about the “mystery” behind President Obama’s continuing 60% approval ratings, despite the approval of his handling of the economy being much lower. This is no mystery; these polls are as much a referendum on Obama’s voters, as it is on the President himself.

     No one likes to admit when they’re wrong and voters are no different. President Obama, for a variety of reasons, sane and insane, is enjoying the biggest political, benefit of the doubt, this country has ever seen.

     However, as it’s said: The higher one goes, the further there is to fall. There’s evidence that the messianic house of cards is beginning to crumble, and when it comes crashing down, it’s going to slam into the earth like a blazing meteor.

     Fortunately for liberty-loving, Americans, I’m confident President Obama has grossly overestimated American’s appetite for Socialism. This situation may also be the biggest blessing in disguise to those who revere the Constitution, because of its ability to coalesce the loyal opposition.

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  1. Cheryl Pass says:

    I sincerely hope you are right on the overestimation of America’s appetite for socialism….but I am not seeing much evidence of it. A few of us are yelling “foul” but the success of the socialists in the public schools is hard to combat. The polls are rigged. Indoctrination is , at least, 50% of the population already. Keep up the good work…maybe you can get through to a few dimwits. I’m feeling very discouraged. Nice to find you here.

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