Drones: Good for Obama, No Good for McGinn.

Once again Seattle’s shrill leftists have given the city’s mayor another chance to either show courage or buckle to pressure. Which option do you think he took? You’d think perhaps his honor had learned his lesson after the DOJ disrespected him on such a grand scale, even after he’d bent over telling Eric Holder, “Thank you sir, may I have another,” costing the city unnecessary millions, and sending the SPD into the tailspin in which it now finds itself.

The use of the drones would not have been much different than that of any other police aircraft flying over any American city for the past many decades. The SPD used to operate aircraft; this is not all that new to the city. Any legitimate privacy concerns would have been addressed by policy and oversight. One policy could address exigent circumstances, and another could address investigations up to and including the obtaining of a warrant.

Instead, the mayor was like one of those inflatable Christmas yard decorations. Pull the plug and he deflates to a useless piece of plastic crumpled on the law.

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  1. Focker says:

    “Pull the plug and he deflates to a useless piece of plastic crumpled on the lawn.”….. ⬅Now that shit was funny!!! I think what Maximus leaves on the lawn is worth more than this bafoon! At least I can add Max’ deposits to my fertilizer and grow stuff….

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