Problem Police, or the Left Just Doesn’t Like How it’s Done?

The fact that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will now investigate the racially and ethnically diverse Baltimore Police Department for a “pattern and practice” (sound familiar, Seattle?) of violating constitutional rights of minority suspects is no surprise. And, although it should be a surprise that the city’s own mayor would proactively request the Feds come in and usurp her authority over her own cops, having become familiar with this mayor’s grandstanding, politicizing nature and overcharging of the six accused cops, it’s not. It seems she intends to pave her road to political success with Baltimore police badges.

Sadly, there can be no mistaking the federal government’s attempts to influence, if not completely take over, local law enforcement in America, thus establishing a de facto federalized police force.

In a new book I’m working on I write, “The DOJ conducted a flimsy and spurious investigation [of the Seattle Police Department] the methodology of which they refused to publish or substantiate. This is a formula the DOJ has repeatedly used across America to force police departments to operate under federal consent decrees. According to’s Sean Piccoll, former U.S. Attorney, Andrew C. McCarthy, who successfully prosecuted the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, says about the DOJ’s investigation of American police departments, ‘They’ve had their thumbs on the scales from the beginning.’ Further, ‘McCarthy cited a string of federal civil-rights investigations into some 20 police departments, including Ferguson, Missouri’s, which he said the Justice Department has approached with a presumption of racial guilt.’ This was precisely what the DOJ did to the Seattle Police Department. This method is ongoing and is currently being employed against my similarly besieged brother and sister officers in, among many other cities, next door in Portland, Oregon, down in Albuquerque, New Mexico—and, of course, back in Baltimore, Maryland. ”

The thing is, just because the political left doesn’t agree with how American police operate doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with it, especially to a degree that merits routine federal takeovers. This national call for police “reform” is so purely political it stinks worse than a rotting rat carcass trapped in a heat register with the temperature stuck on ninety-five. There is always room for improvement in such a high-tension occupation, but we should not allow that to be the chink in the armor the left uses to legitimize its unconstitutional assault on local policing.

This suspicious process also throws into jeopardy the trust average Americans have regarding their federal government. “Justice” only for those who belong to the political party in power. Really?

When the DOJ usurps the local police’ authority to define its policies and procedures, based on frivolous or trumped up allegations, the public will be hesitant to trust the Feds when they have occasion to intervene in legitimate criminal behavior involving cops. Every investigation is suspect.

What America needs is more education about what police do, not to castrate the police with liberal politics disguised as law enforcement training.

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  1. Anthony Scott says:

    I guess I just don’t understand “how it’s done”.

    Please elucidate.

    • Steve Pomper says:

      Mr. Scott,

      The text at the CST link you sent was blank, so I found the article through another source. It never ceases to amaze me that rather than honest, intellectual dialogue about a real issue, some folks insist on finding vile anomalies such as the article you sent. What those officers did was disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach to think they were in the same profession as me. I also hesitate to even respond to someone who would send a story of such an obviously indefensible action as if it is an example of what cops do, generally. I can only assume your missive is meant to convey that you believe this is representative of how law enforcement routinely conducts itself in America, rather than the nauseating example of the depraved behavior it is.

      Had your statement been a sincere and honest inquiry into how real police work is done, I might have answered like this: “How” it’s done (police work) is, among other factors, a combination of training, the acumen of the specific officer to apply training and to adapt to the unknown and unexpected in real-world, split-second, life and death situations, and the stress levels induced by a particular incident. If you truly wished to understand what it is like to be a cop, I might have sent you the link below regarding a political activist from Arizona critical of police procedures and how he reacted and performed in high-stress, use-of-force scenarios. Since you took the time to write to someone you don’t know in order to convey your sarcastic and cynical comment, I’m not sure this will do any good, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. After all, I’ve gotten much worse.

      Thanks for reading!



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