• Supreme Court Selections Matter

    Been busy with a manuscript lately but not too busy to respond to the importance of the Supreme Court nomination(s), riding on this election. Seems the split in the Court between conservative and liberal has never been clearer.

    There is a California case involving teachers’ union dues being collected from members which is then used to support political “speech” with which some members disagree. The Court, absent Justice Scalia, split on the case, sending it back to the 9th Circuit, which had ruled in the union’s favor.

    Sitting on a bar stool, around a picnic table, or at supper with family, how many people do you think would support the government taking money from people and using it to promote political positions they don’t agree with?

    With ordinary citizens, Republicans, Democrats, indeed libertarians, nearly no one would agree with this notion.

    Nevertheless, the Court is currently split on the issue. At this august, judicial supper table, 50% of the eight people see nothing wrong with the government using a person’s hard-earned income to pay for political “speech” they oppose—in this case, left wing speech.

    Conversely, thankfully, the other four justices, like most fair-minded people, know the idea of subverting free speech rights through the confiscation of Americans’ money is just what it sounds like—at best corrupt, at worst, theft! 

  • It Doesn’t Matter.

    Having just returned from a motorcycle trip, I’m catching up on the news. Once again, a cop shoots a black man (in Milwaukee), and insanity and destruction reign. Did the police shoot some innocent young man just walking down the street minding his own business? You’d think so based on “community activists'” reactions. But, no, of course this is not what happened.

    The suspect the cops shot was a known bad guy with a long criminal history. Armed with a stolen handgun, he ran from the police. The gun was stolen in a burglary during which the suspects also took 500 rounds of ammunition. Think about it. The suspect had a gun and reportedly either pointed it or shot at police before an officer shot him. Do these facts matter to anti-cop factions? Not a whit. 

    The current administration, as well as left-wing political groups across America—including the Democrat Party—have given these anti-cop groups tacit approval to riot and pillage our cities, providing legitimacy by meeting with groups that promote the myth that cops are actively “hunting and shooting black males in the streets.” Today, this insane reaction occurs any time a cop shoots a black man, even if the man is an armed criminal.

    This warped perspective is offensive to police officers, and it should offend all Americans.