For Radical Leftists, Anti-racist = Anti-police

The Left is adept at Orwellian manipulation of language. For example, they’ll tell you they are not “anti-police.” Then they’ll use euphemisms: “anti-police abuse,” “anti-excessive force,” etc.

Well, in a rare act of honesty and a rage against the adage, “it’s better to be thought a fool and remain silent than to speak (write) and remove all doubt,” the title of this article proclaims a true belief: Defunding Police—How Antiracist Organizers got Seattle to Listen (Unlike leftists, I’m not going to throw a tantrum or a riot in an un-American attempt to keep you from hearing a message with which I disagree. Please, read it—no, really; you have got to read this crap). It’s important to remain aware of their destructive social message and how radical leftist politicians aid in their successes to the detriment of a free society.

Antiracist? Not anti-police? Using “anti-police” would have been more honest.

So, in the radical left’s world, Anti-racist = Anti-police.

The only thing surprising about this equation is the lack of obfuscation—which is almost refreshing. Like Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, at least this publication, almost, says what it means: being against the police is the same as being against racists because the police are racist. I suppose I could be accused of putting words in their mouths, but how could anyone arrive at contrary conclusion? 

Police equating to racist, of course, is insulting to cops, but the Left doesn’t like the police. Remember, they aren’t simply opponents who are fed up and have finally gotten up off the couch to protest tyranny; they are the enemies of a civil society. They just hate cops. That seems clear. They fight for policies that put police officers at higher risk because they have no respect for what cops do. They don’t care about police officers most of whom are among the finest citizens of any community. The cop-hater’s warped equation also insults people who think critically rather than ideologically. People who come to conclusions based on empirical facts rather than selecting “facts” that conform to a predetermined, ideological narrative.

Still, I hesitate to bring attention to such ignorance. But, the sad thing is, political leaders, such as the leftist collective running (ruining) Seattle gives racialist groups such as BLM and BTB (Block the Bunker) far more clout than their destructive ideas deserve. The radical left may riot to shut down their opponent’s right speak, but we truly need to listen to what the Left says, so we can oppose their ideas more effectively. Oppose their collectivist, Utopian myth whenever possible.   

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  1. Jan Fuller says:

    While I agree with a lot of what you said in this piece, you exemplify the very problem between Law Enforcement and us so called Liberals. The very idea that Liberals all are cop haters is absurd. I consider myself an Independent Liberal, I support many Social causes considered “Left Wing.” I am also a Detective’s wife. (32 year service)
    You do an extreme disservice to your credibility, pitting the Left against Law Enforcement. You are what gives the left ammunition to attack LE in so many ways. Why is it you identify with the Right Wing, as if that is the ideology of all who support Law Enforcement. It’s not. The Left is not the enemy. Bias on both sides is.
    We agree facts and critical thinking lead to justice, to find the truth. Your blind bias is part of the problem Law Enforcement faces today, you are NOT part of the solution.

    • Steve Pomper says:

      Hi Jan, Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I’ll admit, sometimes I get tripped up by tags or terms. I mean far-left most of the time but find myself using liberal when I mean far-left. I don’t think liberals are all anti-cop, although I believe more are than conservatives. I also feel, and your husband would probably back me on this, very few “civilians” truly understand the job. It’s a tough when you don’t do it day in and day out year in and year out. Even those who leave patrol can forget what it’s like to be on the streets. I did 22 years, all on the streets. I don’t identify with the “Right-Wing,” although I do agree with them more than the Left-Wing. However, I am a libertarian-conservative in political philosophy. We all have biases, just have to keep an eye on them. Sorry you think it ruins my credibility, but thanks for keeping me on task. It’s something we should ALL do. Best to you and yours, Steve.

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