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  1. Alex Black says:

    If you remember on Sept 7th there was a 16 year old girl in Spanaway that was attacked by a man who broke into her home, armed with a knife.
    Before he attacked her with the knife he told her he was going to kill her and he tried.
    Fortunately she was able to access her mother firearm and shot the man.
    If I 1639 had been passed, she would have been murdered.
    Does our governor care?

    I wrote him an email about pushing a law that would have made anyone under 21 unable to have the best tool there is to protect themselves.
    What I got back was the equivalent of a form letter that said “if you are having trouble with a state agency ….”

    It is reprehensible that those who have armed security, who send their children to privet schools that have armed security, deny those that don’t have that privilege access the to same tool to protect themselves, or their loved one.

  2. Steve Pomper says:

    Alex, sorry for the delayed response. You have it exactly right, my friend. I do remember that story. You know, all the arguments for taking away our guns could apply to our cars. When a bad guy commits a crime with a gun, they want to take the good guys guns. By that illogic, shouldn’t they want to take good guy’s cars when bad guys commit crimes with cars? One reason: all of those critics have cars!

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