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  1. Goinggray58 says:

    I read this article in OpLens. Nice article.
    I always wonder when a Notable name gives someone a title “Freedom Warrior” I think Ted N said of the sheriff, whether the notoriety might take away from their ability to be effective. I suppose someone has to paint a bulls-eye on their back, and lord knows you have to nearly be overly dramatic in the media to gain any notice. The balance between being gray and or colorful for lack of a better word is something of a balance. If you can’t have names or symbols to rally around, then you have no organization and therefore no leverage, like say the NRA, Anyway it is the lack of uniform symbols and co-ordination that concerns me. The Jews in WWII didn’t have it either. They were systematically desensitized into inaction. I’m pretty sure the conservative elements are doing the same thing, but it was only ever going to be 3% wasn’t it. Your thoughts ?

  2. Steve Pomper says:

    Sorry for the delayed response. Sometimes I’m a bit social media illiterate.

    I agree. We who are right of center, traditional, tend to be our own worst enemies in many ways. You’ve named a poignant one.


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