June 08, 2010

Steve Pomper

A Leftists Assault on the First Amendment

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So, now we have a group of some thirty, well known to lesser-known, liberal-socialist advocacy groups calling on the FCC to begin monitoring so-called “hate speech” on talk radio and cable TV. (Read: Rush and FOX News).

This is nothing more than a blatant attempt at censorship—period!

Well, okay, that should be enough said, but I’ll comment further regardless. The left is so afraid that those whom they fear will arrive at different conclusions than they desire, and unable to persuade, now wish to use government force to control free speech. After all, people are too stupid to figure out what’s best for them without government help, right? Well, according to the left anyway.

These groups cite sensational criminal acts, such as the Oklahoma City Bombing, supposedly committed by those motivated by “right-wing” talk radio or cable TV, to bolster their case–what nonsense.

When will we wake up and realize that these are not innocuous groups relegated to the left fringe, because there is no longer a left fringe; the fringe has become the left’s mainstream and they are quite welcome at this White House. Attempts such as this demonstrate this nicely.

The one thing I always thought both the left and right could agree on at least, is reverence for the First Amendment. However, with this the leftists show they have no reverence for any part of our Constitution.


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