December 11, 2007

A Little Aloha in Seattle

     What a great place to tell you about today! Research for my new book, Seattle Curiosities, allows me an excuse to visit some strange and unique places. This morning my wife and I stopped by the, Hawai’i General Store—yes, in Seattle.

     Having just returned from Hawai’i about a month ago, it was great to get another “fix” of Aloha. In the name of “working” on my book we browsed while enjoying Hawai’ian Christmas music and chatting with the friendly staff. We even got a little Christmas shopping done.

     If you need a whiff of sweet Island scents or an eye-full of Hawai’ian arts and crafts, this is not only the next best thing to actually shopping in Hawai’i, you’ll forget the cold or rain outside and begin to feel you are in a shop on Oahu, Kauai, or Maui.

     It’s easy to find too. In the University District, drive only a few blocks west of I-5 at 258 block of N.E. 45th St. look to your right; you can’t miss it. For more info check out:


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