October 24, 2012

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A New President is Critical for our Nation

buy steve bookIt’s amazing that some folks still haven’t made up their minds on the crucial presidential election, racing toward us, only two short weeks away. If nothing else convinces a voter of the need for new leadership, or some, it’s the campaign behavior of our current president.

During presidential elections, both candidates and their supporters may obfuscate, take out of context, and otherwise cloud issues to disparage their opponent. However, sometimes a voter can condense behavior and issues down to a few poignant examples that should be enough to sway a vote.

The president continues to this day to repeat at his speeches that Mitt Romney said, “Let Detroit go Bankrupt,” when he knows full well that Mitt Romney never wrote or said said this. This was even acknowledged on MSNBC, of all venues. The President knows it was a New York Times headline chosen by an editor, which is common. This is not simply a matter of taking words out of context, which is cheap, but common. This is a matter of consciously attributing words to a man when they are not the man’s words, and the accuser, the leader of a great nation like ours. This is purely and simply a lie, is disgusting, and is certainly beneath the Office of the President of the United States.

I expect more from my leaders. We all should.

Add to this the Libyan debacle, which unfortunately we won’t know the full story until after the election, and I’m not sure how so many Americans will risk the future of America as an experiment in self-government, in order to adhere to a corrupt social ideology, which fails each time it’s tried.


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