January 09, 2012

Steve Pomper

All that is needed for Socialism to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing.

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All that is required for socialism to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. I felt compelled to paraphrase Edmund Burke’s famous adage. As ‘ol Vlad Lenin said, socialism is a necessary step toward communism, which has proven itself most evil, indeed.

Too many city governments today are bent on imposing not simply a political solution where no problem as they describe it exists, but rather a socialist solution under the banner of social justice. And they’ll create and take advantage of whatever crisis they can manufacture. One of these crisis is an open hostility of these governments toward their own police.

What is sad is that there have been officers and sergeants willing to speak out against this attack on equal justice, but we rarely hear any department members of rank speaking out against this anti-American push. Anti-American? Yes. What do you call seeking to replace individual liberty with some warped notion of collective freedom, and replace equal justice with collective justice?

Political take overs begin with small events. The Boston Tea Party was a relatively small event at the time, and there were certainly no guarantees in 1773 that any future American Revolution was going to succeed or even happen at all. Those who participated put their love of country and liberty over their desire for commercial or occupational success.

What will have to happen in order to get command staff level police leaders to finally join those in the rank and file and speak out for American ideals? Will they wait until it’s too late, or will one of those leaders actually become a true leader? Will he or she finally speak out against the municipal and county leftists bent on shaping their police and sheriff’s departments into toothless, mindless robots established only to enforce their social justice agenda?


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