January 28, 2010

Steve Pomper

Are Pro-Choice Groups really Pro-Choice?

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The kerfuffle arising from the impending Super Bowl ad featuring University of Florida Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother points out, once again, the striking lack of tolerance on the self-declared, “tolerant” political left. If I’m correct on this issue, one side refers to themselves as “pro-life,” and the other as “pro-choice.” From what I understand the ad simply relates the Tebow’s true story, a story in which doctors advised his ill mother to abort Tim; she obviously chose not to.


The point is she had her choice and she made it. If that choice influences others to make the same choice, isn’t that what choice is about, an absence of force? Are the “pro-choice” advocates truly that, or are they only for choice if it’s one they agree with?


Now, the opponents of the ad are right that Focus on the Family has an agenda where if they ultimately got their way “choice” in abortion would disappear, but that’s not the issue here. We have to ask who is pro-choice. Focus on the Family doesn’t espouse choice on the issue, the pro-choice side by definition does. So, is choice a principle of pro-choice folks, or is choice simply a pretty word for public consumption?


Incidentally, I believe the Supreme Court made a mistake in Roe v. Wade; I believe it is a state and not a federal issue. I currently support choice, but oppose late term abortions. I do leave room to change my mind, because I believe human life begins at conception. However, I’m currently uncomfortably pressing my beliefs on a woman and her right to care for her own body. But, therein lies the crux; it’s not only her body.


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