January 08, 2016

Blame the Police, First—Well, If You’re a Seattle Liberal Democrat

Democrats always say, elections have consequences—yes, they do

When dealing with police issues in Seattle, you must keep in mind something liberals are always telling us: elections have consequences. I’m perpetually perplexed by how much Seattleites (and Washingtonians for that matter) complain about the state of certain things in their city (and state): transients, drugs, crime, traffic, etc., but keep electing liberal Democrats. Hey, folks, A = B! Electing liberal Democrats equals getting certain things: transients, drugs, crime, traffic, etc.


Have you voted for liberal Democrats?

I wonder how many of the folks in the Magnolia, Ballard, and Fremont neighborhoods, who are complaining (albeit, rightfully so) about their transient and camper/RV problems, have voted for the liberal Democrats now running the city (state)?


Mayor Murray fails to show up to neighborhood meeting

Mayor Ed Murray, a nice guy on a personal level, failed to show up at the neighborhood meeting to address the neighbor’s frustrations. Well, of course he didn’t show up. Their concerns fly in the face of the liberal Democrat agenda. I heard one homeless advocate give her, oh, so helpful, comment. She said the neighbors shouldn’t blame the homeless because the majority of them aren’t causing the problems, and the police should be dealing with those who are. However, according to people like her, the “majority” of homeless not causing problems are pretty much all of them.


But, Officer, it’s not me

When I was still an active police officer, I was amazed at the number of times I’d be on a call with folks living under the freeways, in city parks—hell, before I retired, there were a couple living in tents right on the sidewalk on Broadway! Anyway, almost without exception, standing in the filth, these “homeless” had created for themselves, they would implore us that they always clean up their messes and that it was other people making the mess. I’m telling you, it was amazing how often “homeless” folks would say this.


Productive, honest Seattleites mean nothing to Seattle’s leaders

Listen up, folks. The good people of Seattle are of no concern to Seattle’s liberal leaders. That’s because the good people are self-reliant, resourceful, productive, and honest. Far left, liberal Democrats have no need of you—until election time, that is. Then, they’ll come ‘round to collect what they see as your automatic vote. You may actually need help right now, which the liberal Democrats normally love, but the problem is you don’t need the kind of help they want to give you.


Same number of cops since the 1970s

Do you realize the city of Seattle has about the same number of cops in 2016 as they had in the 1970’s? Did you know that the population since the 70s has grown from the 500,000’s to over 670,000 people today? Did you know that Seattle has a larger population than Boston, but has over 500 fewer police officers? Did you know that of Seattle’s sworn police officers, less than half of them work in patrol responding to 911 calls? Did you know that the fraudulent DOJ consent decree sapped even more officers from patrol, taking even more cops off the street? Did you know this is what your liberal Democrat elected city leaders have done to your city? Finally, what do you think they’ll do if you continue to elect liberal Democrats?


Blame the police, first

And, did you know, despite the staffing realities mentioned above, the Seattle City Council still chooses to place the blame on the police. According to KIRO7.com Seattle City Council Member Sally Bagshaw gave her view of the transient, camper/RV problem: “…the solution begins with better police responses.” Sure, make it so there are not enough cops to begin with. Then create an environment where cops are, as they say, damned if they do and damned if they don’t, when conducting proactive patrol, and then blame the cops when you fail in your responsibilities to make public safety the priority it is supposed to be. But, then again, isn’t that the story of Seattle’s liberal Democrats?


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