The National Police Association (NPA) is a non-profit organization that promotes policies encouraging public officials and local police forces to work together in the American people’s sole interest. The NPA recently teamed with author Steve Pomper to bring readers a brand new digital ebook and print edition called The Obama Gang.
Don’t be fooled. They want you to believe the violence and destruction rose organically in response to George Floyd’s in-custody death in Minneapolis. If it hadn’t been Floyd, they would have picked another “crisis” to exploit. Come along as we explore just how insidious is this connection between President Barack Obama, the Boss, and the gang that does his bidding. You’ll learn just how intentionally intricate and blurry is the fog-shrouded web of organizations created to fund and obfuscate the gang’s anti-police efforts. Through his Obama Foundation and the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Pledge, Obama acolytes swear allegiance to their “Boss” and promise to “reform” law enforcement agencies whether they need it or not.

  “With a wry sense of humor and a pull-no-punches voice of experience, Steve Pomper’s book De-Policing America is an honest, first-hand, Constitutionally-grounded discussion of topics that know-it-all keyboard warriors debate routinely on social media and in the pages of op-eds across the country: gun rights, hate crimes, gun-free zones, zero tolerance policies, federal government overreach, racial politics, police militarization, and many more. The difference is that the keyboard warriors usually aren’t on the front lines facing the real-world consequences of these issues, and Pomper’s former brothers and sisters in blue are.”- Mark Tapson,

Post Hill Press, April 10, 2018

Political indoctrination of the nations’ cops. It’s happening all over the country, right now!

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Is There A Problem Officer

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So, you thought you knew all about Seattle.

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