January 24, 2009

Steve Pomper

Environmentalists: Hot and Cold on the Issues.

 me2    I’m gonna rant here for a few moments, so please bear with me. The issue: Global Warming. I wince whenever I hear the term; I mean, whether or not the globe is actually warming, is that necessarily a bad thing? When I was in high school back in the late ‘70s I was warned we were headed toward the next Ice Age. Logic tells me that if that sort of Global Cooling was bad, then shouldn’t Global Warming be good; we avoided that catastrophic ice age? But, as is one of my shortcomings, once again I digress.

    My real issue is I ride my motorcycle to work every day I possibly can. Ice and snow are really the only things that keep me off my scoot. Well, when I first began commuting regularly by Harley about 13 years ago, there’d be about 10 days per year, and usually not in a row, when ice and/or snow prevented my riding.

     Since the environmentalist’s Paul Reverian call-to-arms, Global Warming, freak-out, I’ve experienced more days I can’t ride due to cold, than ever. This year alone I’ve been able to ride maybe four days in the past five weeks. Global Warming, hmmmm?

     Well, the environmentalists must have observed this little trend themselves, because I’ve also noticed over the recent past that the crisis-entrepreneur’s ad copy has morphed from Global Warming, to the catch-all, Climate Change. Now, that’s the way to cover all the bases; when presented with legitimate anecdotal and scientific evidence against Global Warming, they just whip the Climate Change arrow out of their environmental quiver.

     I’ve heard it said, one can’t reason with the unreasonable. Well, for all of you down-to-earth, sensible, reasonable folks out there, this appears to be what we face. My advice is to remain rational, and please, please, please…don’t surrender to the “Green” masses, who only seek to control your behavior with their environmental socialism.


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