December 10, 2009

Steve Pomper

Eternal Vigilance is Exhausting.

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I need to reiterate my frustration about having to be so increasingly and constantly vigilant against the devastating government encroachment into almost all facets of our private lives and businesses. I’ve long been fond of Thomas Jefferson’s commandment regarding liberty requiring eternal vigilance, however I’ve believed—until now that is—that, although a poignant edict, he’d employed a bit of hyperbole. I no longer think that.


I’m about as fed up as I can get with trying to keep up with our government’s rapid-fire, liberty-shredding agenda. I simply can’t trust my government, almost, no one of high office, regardless of party, and, sadly, not our president, and most certainly not the party in control of congress for the past several years whose presided over this current disaster.


I won’t bore you with the litany of attempted transgressions against liberty—and sanity—of the current administration, the list is lengthy indeed, although thankfully the administration thus far has been remarkably, happily, more impotent than anyone anticipated—on either side. Although they have attempted, and continue to attempt, to ram a radical socialist agenda down our throats to, “…fundamentally transform the United States of America,” the slow realization that he wasn’t kidding when he said that, which has lead to a growing resistance demonstrated at town hall meetings and tea parties across the nation, has been inspirational.


So, let’s address one thing, the so-called Jobs Summit. This administration can’t seem to keep partisan politics out of anything. They can’t be oblivious to the public perception when the President conducts a “Jobs Summit,” held with the ostensible purpose of doing their level best to create new American jobs, without inviting groups crucial to job-making such as the United States Chamber of Commerce, to name only one, who, together with the other excluded small business groups, represent some 140 million American employers and workers. And they also do it without consideration of traditional, proven job creators such as lowering taxes and reducing regulations for small businesses.


I wonder how I, as a conservative-libertarian, am supposed to take this summit seriously. I wonder how anyone of any political ilk—who is intellectually honest—could take this summit seriously. Why were some of the most potent forces for job creation excluded? It’s because the President is miffed and has demonstrated very little tolerance for decent in his realm. In an adolescent exercise, it seems he’s actually punishing those who oppose his views, in this case, by not inviting those “kids” to come play in his fort. Oh, come on! How can I trust an administration that would do such a petty thing at the expense of real progress? It’s like asking someone to come up with a way of filling a glass with water, but telling them they can’t suggest using water.


Is there anything that remains outside politics with this administration—with their VP Biden-touted “Eternal Campaign?” And now, bafflingly, Americans are once again being made fools of by a president who asserts executive privilege in not allowing the White House social secretary to testify before congress regarding a serious security breach that threatened the security of the President of the United States of America within his own home. Executive privilege? For a social secretary? Where is the sense in this? Or I suppose the real question is: What is the purported most transparent administration in history hiding?


These are but a few of the current issues that have this American in a state of constant vigilance, and the list continues growing. And although suffering political fatigue, the cost of inattention, or worse apathy, is not an option—we can’t let our Founders, and those who’ve fought to preserve their vision, down. I know the many will benefit from the price paid by the few who take an active roll in preserving American liberty, but as long as my children are among the many, it is a worthy effort indeed.


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