February 11, 2012

Steve Pomper

Free for whom, President Obama?

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I don’t write too often about President Obama directly. There are plenty of great writers out there who do a better job than me. However, the President’s speech yesterday regarding the religious liberty issue was appalling.

Surreal just isn’t adequate in describing an American president standing at a podium issuing an edict that mandates private companies provide “free” services. And putting the religious and liberty issues aside for the moment, “free” for whom?

It certainly won’t be free for my wife or me, or all of our hardworking taxpaying friends. Our tax money will be redistributed to those who can’t, won’t, or now, don’t have to pay for controversial items. This president behaves more like a king than the president of a constitutional republic. In recent comments, he’s expressed his belief that the Congress and the Constitution are impediments to the imposition on the American people of his view of a perfect society.


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