January 13, 2020

In Seattle, You Better Shovel the Snow, but You Don’t Have to Shovel Your Sh…t.

Her Honor, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has that deftest of political skill where she can utter two disparate things, at the same time, and each with a straight face. Here’s what I’m talking about. Seattle is experiencing some infrequent severe winter weather. Arctic cold blowing down from Canada and bringing with it snow. Happens maybe once or twice, or less, a year in these climes. Mayor Durkan has become infamous for her policies essentially prohibiting, or at least impeding, the cops’ ability to enforce “street crimes,” including defecating in public, which happens much more than once or twice a year. But she recently issued another edict mandating cops enforce a city ordinance. Though the city says it will “prioritize educating over fines,” it may fine normally law-abiding, taxpaying residents $50, if they don’t shovel the snow off the sidewalks in front of their homes. Well, ain’t that something? Finally, there is a law-and-order Durkan after all. Just as long as the “criminals” come from the right part of society. So, here’s how you can reconcile Mayor Durkan’s bipolar view of law enforcement. If you’re shoveling snow off the sidewalk in front of your place, and you find yourself stymied by a steaming pile of human ordure, don’t worry about the dung. So long as you make the snow vanish, you can preserve the people-poop in perpetuity—but if it’s dog crap, then you’d better shovel that too. When will the good taxpaying people of Seattle realize, even the liberals, that the mayor and city council think of you as the “basket of deplorables” Mrs. Clinton denounced during the 2016 presidential campaign? Just remember, Mayor Durkan’s deplorables aren’t so-called because they are, in fact, deplorable. The deplorables are deplorable specifically because leftist leaders treat them so deplorably.



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