April 25, 2015

In The Game of Political Corruption: Go Big or Go Home!

If one is going to be corrupt, it is apparently much better to be bold and do many bad things rather than hesitant and commit fewer bad acts.

It seems that if politicians (former and current) engage in corruption that lasts over decades, manage to delay and obfuscate any investigation until the next allegations of corruption come to light, and find that destroying evidence is less risky than allowing investigators to view the evidence itself, one can evade justice, it would seem, forever. By engaging in a perpetual flow of corrupt activities, politicians are able to accuse legitimately concerned citizens of engaging in political distraction, lying (that’s a particularly good one), piling on charges for political reasons and engaging in a witch-hunt. There were absolute monarchs who didn’t have this kind of savvy. Brilliant! Diabolical, yes but, nevertheless, brilliant.

Poor New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez demonstrates this contrast. He’s only accused of a relatively miniscule amount of corruption (which may turn out not be corruption at all) compared with others currently making headlines. However, the Senator’s problem is that his scandal is small thus, manageable–prosecutable. He can loft no accusations against the Republicans for “piling on” or for conducting a witch-hunt—or, for that matter, of engaging in a “War on Women.” For one thing, it’s his own party has pilloried him (see how I did that?). Perhaps, this is simply the price he is paying for straying from party orthodoxy–in other words, whatever the president wants done and not being “corrupt” enough.

When engaged in political corruption heed the bottom line: Go big or go home!!!


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