January 06, 2010

Steve Pomper

Keep Fighting Against Obamacare

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We must continue working to defeat the current version of the Democrat’s irresponsible and dangerous health care bill. Don’t think this is a done-deal. Like the seemingly undefeatable Apollo Creed in the movie Rocky, Apollo (health care bill) has taken a few solid rib shots lately—to both the right and left ribs, and “Rocky” (American people) has at least a chance of winning. For example while many on the right wants no federal funds to pay for abortions, there are those on the left who will work to unseat Democrats who fail to support federal funds for abortions.


Add to this a Democrat congressman defecting to the Republicans and some top Democrats, including Connecticut’s Senator Chris Dodd just today, who are suddenly deciding not to run again, and we see this is no time to let up the pressure. You may think your contact efforts have no effect on your state’s congressional delegation, but don’t be fooled. While the person answering the phone may be snide, or even heard chatting or yawning in the background, or hangs up on you, our wayward leaders are feeing the cumulative effects. They just like to pretend, like Nero fiddling, that their “Rome” is not burning. Let’s not let the fires die. This is not the normal politics as usual; this is for our nation’s survival; the nation our Founders created for us.


Tea Parties, town hall meetings, and other creative demonstrations, along with continually making phone calls and sending emails, letters, and dead fish (oh wait…that last ones a Rahm Emanuel thing), must continue unabated until this vicious attack against our American Republic is defeated. Our brilliant Founders gave us a system that still provides us a peaceful means to redress our grievances; let’s make the best possible use of it while we still can, and resolve to keep America the unique nation they gave us.   


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