February 03, 2023

Leftist Formula: Falsely Accuse You, Then Attack You on the False Accusation

I recently had a front-row seat (well, full disclosure, I was standing. But it was still in the front row) to a perfect example of the leftist formula for “debating” conservative and traditional Americans. 

I was among other fish-out-of-water conservatives/libertarians protesting (not something we do lightly) the opening of an opioid clinic within 200 feet of Little League ball fields and a Boys & Girls Club. The fact adults, including Washington State’s dictator/Governor Jay Inslee, had meetings, saw where this facility was to be located, and okayed it, boggles the reasonable mind. 

While there, I noticed a man who appeared to be about 30 accompanied by his young daughter. He and a lone leftist protester became involved in a “discussion” about the issue. It began as more of a harangue, on her part, while he listened patiently. She carried a sign, virtue signaling, “All Are Welcome.” As if that were the issue. We protesters weren’t against the clinic; we were against the specific location for reasons that should be obvious to anyone. 

I listened as the woman berated the man for his opposition without asking him why he was demonstrating. Instead, she said he didn’t want addicts getting help to beat their addictions. He tried to explain, but she kept speaking over him, telling him what he thought. Finally, he forced the issue by raising his voice. He told her, “you stop telling me what I think. Let me tell you what I think. Then we can discuss it intelligently.”

I stopped to think about this encounter and realized this is a leftist formula they use to conjure their political alchemy. I saw it my entire career as a cop in Seattle, having attended more protests than I can count. Leftists tell you what you think and then attack you for it. How convenient is that? That way, they don’t have to debate what you actually believe, just what they say you believe. It’s all one-sided and make-believe. 

It also made me think of another area in which leftists employ this lazy tactic. They imbue their favored candidates with what they want to believe about them—create a myth, and then they support that fake version of the person—the myth. What’s nice about these strategies is that truth is not necessary in either case and neither involves debate. And leftists do the the same for candidates they oppose but, instead, imbue them with a negative myth and then oppose that. 

This is why you see conservatives and libertarians with permanently confused expressions whenever they’re among radical leftists. They’ll hear a lefty describe the supposed actions and beliefs of a conservative politician like President Donald Trump. Conservatives furrow their brows, purse their lips, and shake their heads in dismay, wondering, what the hell are they talking about

It’s not a simple difference of opinion, which would be refreshing. It’s fiction wholly made up to conform to what leftists want to believe about someone they hate. For example, for four years, we saw examples of President Trump keeping promises and getting concrete results.

You don’t have to agree with the results, but the actions can’t be denied. For example, NATO countries increased their contributions to the alliance, Israel’s capitol was moved to Jerusalem, and the monumental Abraham Accords are three solid examples. Yet, leftists won’t give Trump credit for the accomplishments that even Democrats used to support. Because of their hate, they’ve lost the ability to use reason. It’s all about ideological orthodoxy.  

At the same time, they’ll watch as Joe Biden methodically destroys the nation by creating an energy crisis (Keystone Pipeline cancellation), an inflation crisis, border crisis (Mexico), foreign relations crisis (Russo-Ukraine War), military crisis (botched Afghanistan withdrawal) and act as if those facts aren’t real. It’s disingenuous—and weird. Especially when it’s apparent and widely acknowledged these things would not have happened under a Trump administration.

You know you’re on the right side when you want to engage in critical thinking and want to know what people think and believe so that you can debate them honestly. But the left prefers not to think critically and would rather tell you what you think and then, rather than debate, attack you for the myth they’ve constructed for you.  


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