May 04, 2010

Steve Pomper


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World political and social history is the story of the individual’s rise over the state, in order to create a better society. From the Greco-Roman limited democracies, to the Magna Carta, to the U.S. Constitution, humankind has moved toward greater individual liberty. And with America’s Constitution, a blueprint for true liberty around the globe came into existence. But there are those, even in America, who would impede this progress toward liberty.

Liberty’s steady march has continued, primarily in America, but that’s okay; liberty is responsible for making the U.S. the greatest superpower the world has ever known. And this was despite having to fight an onslaught of totalitarianism such as Nazism, communism, and other forms of socialism worldwide, and sadly, also despite our own progressive-statist countrymen right here at home, who are working hard to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” (We should have taken him at his word).

America’s founders did a damn fine job defining liberty. They recognized that liberty is essential for human beings, and by extension their societies, to achieve their highest creative potential.

Some would say the amount of liberty people have determines their freedom; wrong—either you have liberty or government abridges it to some degree, because certain unalienable rights define our liberty, rights which come from nature—God, not from government—man. One can’t dole out liberty by degree; it’s totalitarianism, which is imposed by degree.


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