May 05, 2016

May Day Madness: Par for Seattle’s Course

Once again, Seattle experienced demonstrations by the left. However, what they demonstrated, yet again, was their penchant for conflating terms. This week we also saw the annual May Day demonstration of just about everything wrong with the left. Recently, I wrote about the left’s conflation of illegal immigration with (legal) immigration—there is a big difference. In fact, it’s the difference between someone who shops and someone who shoplifts.


Pathological ideologues

Well, in an oddly pathological, misapplied support for actions that they conflate with “free speech,” the leftist administration in Seattle put police and public safety at risk–again. They not only allowed un-permitted demonstrations (riots) to take to the public roadways but also ordered cops to provide escorts.


From insult to injury

The result: Cops in the Harborview ER injured by rioters who hurled Molotov Cocktails and concrete chunks.


Protesters? Demonstrators? No. Rioters!

Many in Seattle’s media continue to refer to these rioters as “protesters” or “demonstrators.” These thugs showed up dressed in black, wearing masks, and carrying backpacks, fully intent on violence and mayhem. The backpacks concealed tools and weapons used to damage Seattle’s “capitalist” business owners’ property and to commit violence against the city’s police officers.


Panoply of the left

If anyone wants to refer to these violent (so-called) anarchists as protesters and demonstrators, I suppose, in one sense the terms are accurate: They are protesting civil society and demonstrating the left’s purposeful conflation of issues to achieve political ends.


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