March 12, 2015

More Cops Shot: Anyone Surprised?

Two more police officers have been shot, these two in Ferguson, Missouri, as the campaign to malign cops continues. Meanwhile, those perpetuating a vicious slander against cops stand back like little kids who’ve been accused of misbehaving: “Oh, no… It wasn’t me! I had nothing to do with it.” Yeah, right.

What did they expect? They consistently attempt to mitigate their anti-police comments by offering some cliché such as, “Well, the vast majority of police officers are good, honest people doing a difficult job, but….” And then they paint with such a broad brush that all law enforcement officers are viewed and treated as bad apple “exceptions.”

It is unarguable that the vitriol stemming from community activists, sports celebrities, Hollywood stars, and, worst of all, congressmen and women perpetuating this anti-police myth: “Hands up; don’t shoot,” makes a cop’s already dangerous job even more so. These “luminaries” do this, and some continue to do it, despite the DOJ’s report concluding “Hands up; don’t shoot” never happened.

However, the political left has little appetite for objective facts. When we have a president and attorney general tacitly (and overtly) condoning this narrative because, it represents a greater social problem, what chance do law enforcement officer’s have in combating the false narrative?

Let me see if I have this right: Apparently, it’s okay with police critics to perpetuate a lie, which puts all law enforcement officers at grave risk, as long as it fits their political narrative.


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