January 08, 2010

Steve Pomper

Obama: It’s All About “Me.”



I’ve heard many conservatives talk about how President Obama is all about “Me.” That his speeches are filled with references to, “I this… and I that,” but believe it or not, although I am far from a fan, I wasn’t ready to purchase this particular observation—yet. I thought he was still about his progressive cause. Well, the President’s handling of this, what is supposed to be, final portion of the healthcare push, has convinced me: it is indeed all about him.


How else can one explain that not only is the process not as transparent as the President promised it would be, it’s diametrically opposed to transparency—it’s secret. As we’ve heard all over the media, the President promised many times over the course of his campaign that this process would be the most transparent and bipartisan possible, broadcasting on C-Span and on streaming web video, and even soliciting “better” ideas from multiple sources. (Apparently, from all liberal Democrat sources).


Now I’m hearing that the President wants a healthcare bill on his desk to sign before the State of the Union Address. There seems to be no interest in what exactly the bill will contain; there’s only a mad dash to run roughshod over the opposition, which polls across the board now show includes a majority of Americans.


That the President wants something, anything, to sign that he can trot out to show the country how “successful” his first year has been, is as obvious as it is pathetic. The words, “I have passed the most significant legislation since the FDR administration…” (or since the dawn of man), in some form, will spill over his smiling lips, likely to the standing ovation of the leftist ideologue robots in attendance. This shows me that in this president’s mind, accomplishment that is more show than substance is just fine.


This also accounts for the hair-on-fire, lunatic race to pass something that’s ostensibly so critical to all those Americans now dying in the gutters, bodies stacked up on street corners, due to no insurance, but won’t take effect for half a decade.


If this were truly only about the American people, getting it done swiftly, in the next couple weeks, wouldn’t be necessary; getting it right would be necessary. If this is all about President Obama looking “good,” then getting this done before the State of the Union is absolutely necessary—although will likely backfire anyway.


Democrats are already beginning to feel the retribution of the American people with 2009’s political losses in Virginia and New Jersey, a turncoat representative, and now 2010’s exodus of major Democrat players in Connecticut, North Dakota, and Colorado.


It seems the folks currently in power are either absolute political dunces, or they’re something much more dangerous. Is it possible that they’re willing to suffer a temporary loss, or diminishing, of power in exchange for establishing an irreversible mechanism with which they will transform our free market democratic republic into some form of an ugly, new, progressive/socialistic version of America.   


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