May 27, 2010

Steve Pomper

President Obama and Rep. Sestak Disrespect Fellow Americans.

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I wasn’t going to address the growing Sestak job-offer scandal, but something about this event fascinates me; this is a real study in how politicians act and react when they’re in freak-out mode. Now I obviously don’t know what happened; I wasn’t in that meeting that everyone seems to agree, at least, occurred, and with that we can deduce that Sestak isn’t completely fabricating the event, as some have suggested.

However, in observing the two-tiered reaction to this political crisis, it seems something untoward did happened, or either Rep. Joe Sestak or the Obama administration would have laid it to rest by now, because it’s not doing either any good. Why Sestak won’t give details? Some have suggested he’s concerned about the White House not backing his Senate run. Why the Obama administration won’t elaborate on the issue? Perhaps a high crime or misdemeanor was committed.

So, now we have to wonder with this hesitation, why Sestak continues to stonewall, and what spin, or scheme, the President’s administration is concocting. When they finally deign to speak to the American people, it will have been after days and weeks, perhaps even months, of PR-crunching, lawyer-saturated, strategy meetings. One has to wonder what will be the result; I can’t imagine anyone delaying to this degree if there’s nothing wrong.


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