March 11, 2008

Time (Mis) Management

Time management; that’s my current thing; my current, actually chronic, fret—nice to know I’m not too old to experience angst. I’m constantly berating myself for not using my time appropriately. (And I don’t even play videogames) I get angry with myself as I wait for someone to finally do something about this time-wasting, as if the person responsible for doing that something isn’t me.


Each of us is allotted the same twenty-four hours a day; the same 1440 minutes to use as we need and perhaps some of it as we want. That’s plenty of time to get things done, which leaves me wondering, what the hell’s wrong with me? Wait, don’t answer that; I have a fragile ego.


My goal now is to endeavor to manage my time better. I could simply try to manage my time better, but I think if I endeavor I’ll be holding myself to a higher standard and it just may enhance my chances for success. 



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