January 15, 2020

What Happened to Equal Justice, Law and Order, the Rule of Law?

I have opinions on politics—surprise, surprise. Most of us do, right? But I try to limit my punditry to topics directly related to law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The specific area of my expertise and experience. Although, I grant myself a bit of political latitude when writing for my own blog.  

But, these days, politics and law enforcement, much too often, intersect. As a retired cop and an American citizen, I am on the verge of freaking out (yes, technical term) over America’s increasingly multi-tiered criminal injustice system. Local criminal justice systems don’t want to hold the poor responsible for their actions, and at the federal level, the rich and powerful get away with… well, you know. Leaves us deplorables in the middle to pay the full justice freight.

I’m sipping my coffee while reading a story about the DOJ recommending six months prison time for General Flynn for “lying” to FBI investigators who said he didn’t lie to them. Then, I see a nearby story and read about the DOJ dropping another investigation into possible Hillary Clinton wrongdoing (I know… the Clintons and wrongdoing is like the biggest oxymoron, right?).  

A Hillary-friendly article about the DOJ decision in WashingtonMonthly.com pointed out, “According to the Washington Post, [U.S. Attorney John] Huber found nothing [after investigating Hillary].” The Post had reported, “A Justice Department inquiry launched more than two years ago to mollify conservatives clamoring for more investigations of Hillary Clinton has effectively ended with no tangible results, and current and former law enforcement officials said they never expected the effort to produce much of anything.” [emphasis mine]

Well, that comment doesn’t inspire much confidence in law enforcement officials supposedly after the truth, does it? It’s not like they were investigating Mother Teresa. Although, that they never expected the effort to produce much doesn’t mean there was nothing to produce; it seems they just didn’t want to produce it.   

Mrs. Clinton, of course, is the perennially controversy-ridden high official who, not allegedly but actually, used a software program to destroy subpoenaed email evidence (at least 33K emails) and then had staff use hammers to destroy her electronic devices the email had been stored on.

These incidents, which comprise probably only three percent (or less) of her dark resume (think dark web), is not conjecture or speculation. In fact, even she didn’t deny it.

Fox News Channel reporter Ed Henry: “Did you wipe the server?”

Secretary Clinton: “Like with a cloth or something?”

Clinton’s sole assurance was to declare to authorities and the American people that she only deleted “personal” emails about yoga and her grandchild. Oh, well as long as she said that. What more objective source could we possibly find? We also know—for sure—she had classified material on her private email server. A huge no-no–well, for everyone else.

Yet Gen. Flynn is still twisting in the wind awaiting the deep state’s wrath while the wicked witch of Washington floats off free, flanked by her flying monkeys (these would be her immunity posse). The DOJ granted immunity to her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, John Bentel, Heather Samuelson, Bryan Pagliano, who was Hillary’s former IT aide, and Paul Combetta).

So, you’re investigating someone for email server (information technology) malfeasance, and you give immunity to the person responsible for maintaining information technology? Well, at least you got some good information in exchange for that immunity, right? Nope. Nobody gave up nuthin’. I don’t think they were even asked. Hillary skates again.

I also saw a story about the FISA appointing a well-known Democrat hack, David Kris, to oversee remedies for a plethora of FISA court abuses. Kris is infamous for defending the FISA warrants based on the Steele Dossier, the Trump witch hunt, and the corresponding (ongoing) coup. He is also an outspoken critic of Rep. Devin Nunes, whom Kris felt should be criminally charged (in essence, for bringing out the truth about FISA abuses).  

Here I’m thinking, man, the FISA judges will be pissed off with what high ranking Intel, Justice, and Obama administration officials allegedly did. Now, how can I not wonder if the FISA judges were/are an integral part of the shenanigans? Rather than threaten severe consequences, the amazingly quiet court, until recently, appoints a blatantly biased overseer likely to bolster the evident intrigue already underway.

We probably also shouldn’t forget it is U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts who appoints FISA judges. I’m just sayin’…

Then we have government intel agencies spying on Sharyl Attkisson et al. The et al. being the host of other Americans our government’s intelligence community apparently spied on. Just what happened to Attkisson alone could fill a book (and likely will someday). Still, her evidence, including a confession by one of the spies, wasn’t good enough for the judge who dismissed her case.

Attkisson told Bill O’Reilly on the No Spin Zone that a judge recently dismissed her case despite the confession. Fortunately, she is refiling the case, adding names where the court asserted her case had been deficient. She also said she’d spent over $150K in legal costs, so far, in her search for justice. A supporter has set up a Gofundme page to assist her with legal costs.

Many conservative pundits have cited cable audiences fleeing shows like Rachel Maddow’s on MSNBC because hosts kept promising the takedown of President Trump—repeated bombshells, which didn’t come to pass.

What about those audiences on the right? Nightly, hosts, expert guests, and Republican political officials keep telling people that officials in high places will finally be held accountable for their bad acts. So far, all I’ve seen is the DOJ refusing to file charges against disgraced former FBI director Jim Comey for obvious incongruent statements under oath. And the DOJ refusing to cooperate with Sharyl Attkisson’s lawyers regarding the government spying on her. I believe the DOJ is also continuing to stonewall the folks at judicialwatch.com who are always and steadfastly searching for evidence of government corruption.  

There’s one big problem that AG Barr apparently hasn’t addressed yet. Attkisson told O’Reilly that the same DOJ folks on her case during the Obama administration are still handling her case today. Anyone else see a major problem with that? She sounded an ominous warning when she told O’Reilly about the government asking a court to dismiss a case because of how long it had been active. Delay and dismiss seems to be their tack.

They’re the government. They can outspend and outlast anyone.  

At least with the lefty cable news hosts’ promises, the currency backing them were now well-debunked lies. Hell, their mighty savior, Bob Mueller, came riding in on a nag and only helped prove the left’s lies and dispel their myths.

On the right, people like President Trump, U.S. Reps. like Nunes, Gowdy, Chaffetz (former), Gaetz, and Meadows, along with investigative journalists such as John Solomon and Sarah Carter have been proven correct about the FISA abuses and other wrongdoing. Still, the deep state is also deep-seated and profoundly tenacious.  

Don’t tell me no one’s above the law when the system is right now showing us that some people are definitely above the law. I really hope AG Barr proves me wrong. I’ll happily admit it.


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