November 30, 2015

Why Cops are Cops

If you ever wonder what cops think about their jobs, this little item might shed some light. I’ve been keeping a journal over the years. As we’re now in the Christmas season, in light of all the anti-police rhetoric flying around, this old entry struck me as relevant.

Apparently, I worked Christmas Eve 2003. My wife, a firefighter, was also on duty, but with 24-hour shifts, I wouldn’t see her until morning. Seems after shift, I spent the evening at home with my youngest son who was nineteen at the time. I recorded that we had a good time—I think there was some mention of rum and eggnog, but my handwriting is atrocious.

Anyway, I ended my journal entry of 12/24/03, 11:49 p.m. with: “At work, put a bully in jail, made a scared woman feel safe, Merry Christmas!”

I don’t remember the call, the bully, or the woman. I just feel good that, as a cop, I was in a position to make someone’s Christmas a little better.

This is why most cops are cops.


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