Steve Pomper

Steve Pomper


What’s the Most Government Can Do for Me? The Least Government Can Do for Me.

Steve Pomper was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is still a big Boston Sports fan (Go Pats!) but also supports Seattle teams. A big Bruce Lee fan as a kid, he had always been fascinated with Lee’s adopted home of Seattle. For this, and other more practical reasons, Steve and his wife (a retired firefighter) and their kids moved to Seattle many years ago. After nearly a decade of working in the landscaping field, including owning a landscape design and construction company, Steve decided to change course and pursue a career as a police officer. Now, retired from law enforcement, Steve writes full time, including as a contributor at the National Police Association and at LifeZette.


Steve graduated from Easthampton High School (Mass.) and later (much) from Southern New Hampshire University, summa cum laude, with a BA in English Language and Literature and a minor in Creative Writing.

Law Enforcement Career

In the wake of some area arson fires, Steve’s wife Jody became a volunteer firefighter, which grew into a twenty-five-year career as a full time firefighter (from which she recently retired). Her success motivated Steve to pursue a long-held interest in the other side of public safety, law enforcement. Steve began his career transition by accepting a job with Seattle University’s Public Safety Department. Steve served the university for nearly two years, rising to the rank of sergeant before accepting a position with the Seattle Police Department. He served in Patrol, the Community Police Team, and was a Field Training Officer for six years. He went on to dedicate over twenty-one years of service to the City of Seattle.

Changing Focus

Steve had a longstanding interest in writing, having submitted the occasional letter-to-the-editor to local newspapers for years. As a police officer, Steve began to write more regularly including for the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild newspaper, The Guardian. Interested in politics from a libertarian perspective, writing gave Steve a creative outlet for pent up frustrations with what he saw as declining individual liberty, generally, and a liberal attack on law enforcement, specifically. Working as a police officer provided Steve no shortage of writing inspiration for both fiction and non-fiction. In 2003, Steve embarked on a ten-year plan to become a professional writer.

Publication History

He began placing political articles in online webzines and even got a thank you email from John Stossel. In 2005, Steve sold his first national article to American Iron Magazine a motorcycle publication. He’d long focused on non-fiction, primarily from a political and law enforcement perspective, but he decided to broaden his focus. Steve wrote a novel and, in early 2007, he felt it was ready to leave home. He found an agent, who, after declining the novel, asked Steve about a non-fiction project he’d mentioned in his query. The agent liked the idea and soon sold the book, Is There a Problem, Officer? A Cop’s Guide to Avoiding Traffic Tickets. The Lyon’s Press in Guilford, CT. published the book. After publishing, Is There a Problem, Officer?, Lyon’s parent imprint, the Globe-Pequot Press, contracted Steve to write two more books: Seattle Curiosities, It Happened in Seattle. His most recent books are De-Policing America: A Street Cop’s View of the Anti-Police State, released by Post Hill Press in April, 2018 and The Obama Gang, published by the National Police Association, March/April 2021.

Retirement and Career Transition–a nice gig if you can get it!

Retired from coppin’, Steve is no longer distracted by 911 calls and now writes full time. In support of his writing, Steve has appeared on numerous Radio, TV programs and at book signings across North America. He was featured as an expert author on the Travel Channel TV show, Monumental Mysteries. In June 2018, Steve appeared on an episode of Experience Matters and two episodes of Happy Hour broadcast on blazetv.com. In March, 2021 he appeared on Newsmax’s National Report.

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