• Who cares if you’re the only one–just be there.

    With the progressives attempting to foist socialism on America these days, I often wonder just what it will take to get folks off their couches to actively take up the cause of liberty.

    When I began attending Tea Party events I felt like the proverbial fish out of water. While I’d been writing on the subject for years, attending mass gatherings was alien. I mean, only leftist knuckleheads did that, right? Then I remembered the mass protests for civil rights of the ‘60s, and the poignancy and importance of such gatherings became apparent.

    The current Tea Party demonstrations for individual liberty, lower taxes, lower regulations, and less government spending is having the same effect on America that the civil rights demonstrators had: showing America the truth.

    Back during the civil rights marches, opponents attempted to paint the crowds in the worst light imaginable. Casting the protesters as angry, violent mobs. But Americans are smart. They saw through the racist fog to the true essence of the people who were peacefully exercising their American rights in order to fight to ensure all Americans are accorded their rights.

    Today opponents of the Tea Party movement are attempting to do the same thing. Opponents attempt to paint them as violent racists. Once any thinking person actually observes these folks at a demonstration, they will see this description is laughable.

    People often fail to attend rallies because they’re afraid no one else will show up. No one likes the idea of standing on a street corner with only a trickle of people, or alone with a sign looking like the guy dressed in ratty robes foretelling the arrival of the mother ship.

    I think we have to look at our commitment to liberty as so important we don’t care if we’re the only one who shows up. If we are dedicated to liberty, we are never alone in the cause. Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, along with all of the Founders and patriots who fought for liberty along side them, will always be standing with us in spirit.

  • The radical Democrats don’t want our America.

    Part of the difficulty in dealing with the left today is coming to an understanding that some people don’t want the America our Founders created for us. They don’t get goose bumps when the flag passes in a parade. They don’t get chills when they hear our national anthem. In fact, these things are more likely to repulse them, than to elicit any patriotic emotion.

    Once we stop looking at the current crop of Democrat leaders through our own eyes, and begin to look at them through theirs, we’ll begin to understand. When they talk about their “love” of America, they are thinking of a country not yet created. One that they are attempting to create by altering and destroying what our Founders gave us: a nation conceived in liberty, which they would exchange for one conceived in tyranny.