• How Did the GOP “Court” Latino Voters? With Honesty and Better Ideas

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    The ABC News caption read, “GOP Push to Court Latinos in Texas.” How did the GOP “court” Latinos? Simply by telling the truth and offering policies and holding traditional values that make sense. Coming off a week where America watched a university professor ask a U.S. senator if he believed a man could have a baby. And when the senator said, “no,” she berated him as “homophobic.” All people need candidates they can vote for who make sense.

    The Democrats are cynical when it comes to voter identity. In fact, William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, wrote, “The Democrats had a plan. They called it ‘Demography is Destiny.’ Democrats were going to ride race and ethnicity to permanent power, to pigeon-hole Republicans as the party of the shrinking elite whites.”

    But that’s not what happened. Without much official outreach, Hispanic voters are swarming to the GOP, not because of some swampy leaders still infecting the Party in Washington but, because of the liberty-loving ideas of traditional American patriots of all races and ethnicities who want to return to Trump’s America Biden is destroying.

    As the National Association of Hispanic Journalists told DOCTOR Jill Biden, “We are not tacos.” They’re also decidedly not “Latinx,” because it’s stupid, but also because they’re proud of their rich Spanish, gendered, language heritage.

    Hispanics and Latinos are also religiously traditional, many being Catholic. They tend to oppose abortion, and they really oppose really stupid Democrats who’ve exploited them, lied to them, and taken their votes for granted for decades.

    Legal Insurrection also notes “The Great Realignment: Democrats increasingly the party of elite whites, Republicans increasingly racially-diverse and working class.”

    Now Americans are being treated to Democrats, such as in The New York Times, warning Hispanics and Latinos to beware of “Republican Far-Right Latinas.”

    While the Democrats have their “Karens,” conservative Republicans have strong Latinas such as Mayra Flores, Monica de la Cruz, and Cassy Garcia. If they are successful, according to ADN America, they “stand to become the first Hispanic women and the first Republicans to represent South Texas in the United States Congress.”

  • Fired First Responders Now Responding to Emergencies in Jurisdictions that Fired Them

    Fired First Responders Now Responding to Emergencies in Jurisdictions that Fired Them

    It seems clear, many cops who submitted to the mRNA injection did so under vehement protest. And I know that many cops, and non-cops, who received the injection even voluntarily still have an enormous problem with the “let’s see your papers” mentality of this government overreach. 

    Former NYPD police officer and U.S. Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, now an influential radio/TV talk show presence, is in that category. Because of some serious recent health issues, Bongino got the injection. Regardless, he’s pushing back against his employer’s “vaccine” mandate. The Epoch Times reported, Bongino told Cumulus Media, “You can have me or you can have the [vaccine] mandate. But you can’t have both of us.” 

    Now, because of the proof of injection mandates, he’s risking his multi-million-dollar contract for his principles. He won’t work for a corporation that would abuse his colleagues like this. Not in the United States of America.

    Tribute by Liberty Lake Police Department for Washington State Patrol troopers fired by Gov. Jay Inslee.


    Now, state, county, and city government leaders who are mandating employees turn over private medical records to remain employed have fired thousands of employees from various agencies. In Washington State, despite the best efforts of politicians to massage the numbers, troopers, officers, and deputies will tell you the termination toll on staffing is staggering.

    There is no doubt it will impact public safety. Criminals will hurt, kill, and take other peoples’ stuff who would not have if not for these irresponsible decisions to force cops out of their jobs. Is this an effort to purge the resistant so they can bring in the compliant? It’s hard to argue it’s not.

    This American Crisis has brought some thoughts to mind: Thomas Paine’s views on “sunshine patriots,” Sam Adams comments about those who refuse to defend liberty, and, oddly enough, mutual aid contracts. 

    These notions may seem disjointed but bear with me. Paine’s words leaped to mind when I considered the sacrifices of my bothers/sisters behind the badge who stood up for the importance of conscience against this health crisis exploitation by radical leftist, anti-police politicians. 

    Thomas Paine, in The American Crisis, famously wrote, “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” 

    And, equally famous, these words from Samuel Adams:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.

     “We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.

     “May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” 

    Now, these men wrote or said these words to inspire people during a bloody revolution to gain a nation’s independence. They may not suit the current situation in America to a T (then again, they may). However, America may not be engaged in a bloody conflict, nevertheless, there have been too many casualties.

    Whether motivated by religious convictions, medical concerns, a simple commitment to individual liberty, or a combination, the right to be sovereign over your own body is sacred. As NBA star Kyrie Irving so plainly yet eloquently said, “This is my life. I get to do whatever I want with this. This is one body that I get here.” 

    We owe all the cops and other Americans standing on principle a huge debt of gratitude. Too many people resign themselves to “go along to get along.” However, history has shown us appeasement never placates tyrants—at least, not for long. They always want more power. 

    As for the automatic mutual aid agreements police and fire agencies have with each other, the holes they poke into the ludicrous nature of these arbitrary mandates reveal the government’s lies regarding the mandates being about health rather than politics.

    Mutual aid agreements mean neighboring agencies will automatically assist each other to enhance public safety. These stories are anecdotal, but they are poignant, and you’ve probably heard similar accounts yourself. 

    This first one is medical-related, but it highlights the same premise. I heard a nurse on a radio program tell the host her hospital fired her for not submitting to the vaccine mandate. After they fired her, she went to work for a temp agency that gave her an assignment as a temp—working at the same hospital that fired her. 

    On another radio show, I heard a cop say his agency fired him from his police department for failing to show proof of his injection. He said he then went to work for a neighboring agency that did not enforce an injection mandate. But because of mutual aid he said he responds to calls in the jurisdiction that just fired him.

    Incidentally, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, in Washington State, has produced a recruiting video which “prominently declares vaccination is not required.” Every American should congratulate the sheriff and other similar law enforcement leaders for their sane stances. 

    Think about that: cops and nurses fired by one agency only to be hired by another and then sent to their original agencies because those places are so short-staffed, in part, because they just fired so many employees.

    When taking these things into consideration, it appears weakening the public safety system is not a matter of science but a matter of politics. Now, because of these political tyrants, there are numerous cops, firefighters, nurses, doctors, teachers, and others sitting down at kitchen tables. They’re explaining to their children why Thanksgiving and Christmas may be a little lean this year and why they have to move out of their homes.

    May God bless them all.    

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  • The Outrage of January 6th, 2021: A Stolen Election Takes Hold in America: The Coup is Complete.

    Last night we turned in early because my wife hasn’t been feeling well since a few days after Christmas. The Chinese Communist Party virus, perhaps, who knows? Government officials and bureaucrats have been lying to us from the start. Our illustrious Governor/Emperor Jay Inslee the Incompetent has put the state back into Phase I lockdown—for zero scientific reasons. He’s destroying our state except for government and a few large corporations at the top (some folks call them big political donors).

    Anyway, because of the Gov’s renewed lockdowns and the set up at the Capitol, I had a tremendous time trying to get to sleep last night. Yesterday, whoever may read this in years to come, people may easily remember the date. It was on this day that some 200,000 – 250,000 Trump supporters descended on the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. They were there to express their rage over the Democrats stealing the 2020 presidential (and other) election (I’ll let you read the history books for the specifics).

    Regardless, the day may be memorable because of a tragedy that occurred. But first, let’s set up the situation. During a truly mostly peaceful protest, unlike the raging infernos and violence occurring behind mainstream media reporters reporting BLM and Antifa riots for most of 2020, a group described as 100 or more people separated from the peaceful crowd and swarmed the Capitol grounds, which had been closed to the public.

    Just based on the typical makeup and behavior of a pro-Trump crowd, violence, and disrespect for law enforcement is anathema. The anomalous rioters fought with the police and breached the Capitol. During one of these attempted breaches at a locked/barricaded door, these thugs were attempting to break in the door, when a law enforcement officer from inside shot through the door window and killed a person.

    Reportedly, a law officer shot a woman from California, a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, in the neck who died within minutes from her wound. An independent journalist at the scene who said he’d spoken with the woman only minutes before, said she was not being violent and seemed to be just a peaceful protester. He said there was also an overt agitator at that door, yelling and screaming and banging on the door. The reporter said he could see Sen. Chuck Schumer inside, being escorted by officers, indicating the cops at the door were tasked with protecting Congress members who were being evacuated. Was the radical man described above the officer’s target? Perhaps. Investigations may determine that.

    Either way and as much of a tragedy as this was, obviously, especially for her family, what was she doing at a door with people trying to break in and breach the U.S. Capitol. As a military veteran, she had to know how wrong that was, even if she was not the one causing damage. What was that poor young woman thinking?

    So, because my wife went to bed early, I retired with her. I was not interested in staying awake in a world where the Democrats stole an election from me, President Trump, and at least 75 million other Americans, and swampy Republicans helped. It was 10:00 when I first tried to sleep, and after 11:30 when I last looked at the clock. I finally fell asleep but awoke to look at 3:11 staring me in the face. My head turned back on, and my rage returned.

    Our government has abused us for too long, even those who were supposed to be on our side. Those of us living in states with tyrannical governors and mayors have it even worse. Yesterday, my daughter told me that at least if life was normal here, this government abuse is bad enough, but being able to have her kids in school, or taking the kids to hockey and gymnastics practice would provide a context in which to better deal with the stolen election. But that’s not the case in Democrat-run states.

    As I mentioned, our state of Washington is back in a Phase I lockdown, the strictest. And our overlord has told us he will decree from week to week who can be open, who is essential, and who is not. Both my son and my son-in-law work in construction at various levels. Currently, they are building schools, so they are “essential workers.” Other private company construction folks are locked down as “non-essential workers.”

    Think about that. Emperor Inslee, for most of last year, and now into the new year, mandated in-person schools close (even though kids are essentially immune from the virus, and even his scientists say asymptomatic transmission is not a problem), but the people building schools are essential. While the people who would construct buildings that people would actually use are non-essential. Don’t look for logic anywhere near a Democrat (and many Republican) politician or bureaucrat.

    I wrote an article recently, asking what Trump supporters who strongly suspect (know) with a massive amount of evidence that the Democrats stole a presidential election from us are supposed to do with our outrage. Yesterday was the last day any viable avenue to remedy the situation occurred. After some fine U.S. representatives and senators put up a good fight, the feckless, spineless soon to be former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his spineless entourage relented and certified an illegal electoral vote count.

    Did it matter that state legislatures admitted there were problems with their certifications after they’d sent them to Congress and wanted their slate of electors back? No. Seems the establishment Republicans, sadly, including VP Mike Pence, felt fealty to the Constitutional process was more important than fealty to Constitutional law. While saying they had to follow the Constitution’s ceremonial process for “counting” the electoral college vote, they completely ignored the Constitutional requirements states must follow when conducting and certifying national elections in their states.

    So, the Democrats get away with a successful coup in the United States of America. And with their staunch allies in the press, academia, corporate America, Hollywood, pro sports, and the deep state (Democrat and Republican), the attempted takedown of America continues and at least 74 million Americans are left to wallow in the toxic aftermath of such a pillaging of traditional America.

    I’m at least optimistic enough to say “attempted takedown” because, learning history while teachers could still teach it in America, there are lessons we learned that can give us hope. I think about what our first President, Gen. George Washington, endured during seven years of war, having to deal with a similarly feckless Congress. During an early major military action, the nascent American Revolution very nearly died in its infancy. If Washington had not escaped from New York with his Army, we’d all be speaking English right now…. Okay, forget that part, but you get the picture.

    Add to this the long-suffering winter at Valley Forge, where even Martha Washington reportedly darned socks for soldiers, many of whom had no shoes. And there were the other defeats, major and minor, during the war, yet Washington and his army persevered. Then America went through the War of 1812, another we should not have won. If not for Gen. Andrew Jackson, we would not have. Of course, after the Revolution, the Civil War is the most grueling conflict on American soil. Yet, America, literally, soldiered on, and we not only kept the union, but we also ended the national disgrace of slavery. Neither WWI nor WWII was a guaranteed win. Many times, in both conflicts, it looked like Germany might prevail. But it didn’t.

    And last but not close to least, divine intervention, has played a part in America’s history. There are threads woven throughout American history that tell an otherworldly story of what the religious would attribute to divine intervention. The non-religious have a more difficult time describing these history-changing events often relying on simple coincidence. Maybe, but it sure seems like a sentient hand had a part in some of our history.

    For example, George Washington. Just a few stories about him alone are hard to dismiss. As an officer, first fighting for a British militia in the French and Indian War, then as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, the man suffered barely a scratch in combat. During the former conflict, Indian forces reeled as they saw their bullets sail perilously close to but harmlessly past Washington, inflicting only wounds to his coat.

    During the Revolution, Washington had multiple horses shot out from beneath him while he remained unscathed. Arguably, his death could have meant the death of the American struggle. During that early action in New York, mentioned above, the only reason Washington got his troops out of New York was because of an unusual and persistent thick fog that provided cover while the Army escaped. Divine intervention or coincidence? Either way, it is eerie to consider. We could use a bit of that about now.

    So, though these examples from history seem like thin threads to hold on to, today, when we put them together and in perspective, they comprise a taut, thick rope we can hold on to as we plunge into an uncertain future. Recalling what American Revolution patriots endured to provide us with the freedoms and liberty we still, for the time being, enjoy, getting aroused from sleep by an unsettled mind at 3:11 a.m. isn’t even close to suffering.             

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  • De-Escalation: Why is it Always the Cop’s Fault When it Doesn’t Work Out?

    There’s a lot of talk about de-escalation these days as if there’s an incantation officers know that can calm any person no matter how under-the-influence or psychotic he or she is. If an incident requires an officer to use force, these folks deem the officers failed to “de-escalate.”

    But there are some things that these people never consider. It’s too easy to watch a use of force, whether in person or on video, and decide “I would have done it better.” Doing things in your mind always works out perfectly. In my mind, I can quarterback a game better than Tom Brady—ever has—in his entire career. In my mind.

    And there are other things people don’t consider. We all can learn techniques that are broadly accepted as likely to defuse potentially violent situations. Also, some of us are naturally better at de-escalation than others. That’s just human diversity. Otherwise, everyone could sing like Freddie Mercury.

    And then some incidents just don’t fit into a neat category. A call I responded to illustrates an aspect of de-escalation hard to categorize. It involves firefighters; you know, heroes (as my firefighter wife likes to remind me—often). My beat was filled with mental health facilities and public housing where many of these clients lived.

    I got a call to assist the fire department with an aggressive but not yet assaultive man with mental health issues. Mental health professionals had called them to deal with a man with a head wound outside their facility. When I arrived, I saw a man sitting by a tree, with two firefighters talking to him. Then the man began banging his head against a tree, causing bleeding.

    As I approached, he paused. He spoke Spanish, which we didn’t, and he said he was from Puerto Rico. Partially calmed, and not willing to come with us peacefully, rather than go hands-on, risking injuring him more, the firefighters came up with a plan to de-escalate (I should have known things had gone terribly wrong at that moment).

    A firefighter still at the station, which was only a few blocks away, happened to be originally from Puerto Rico. So, aside from the fact he spoke Spanish, he and the man hailed from the same place.

    He arrived, and you could tell we all thought the situation was in hand—about to be de-escalated. The man had calmed and was now only thumping his head lightly against the tree, but not enough to cause injury. Then the firefighter approached and spoke in Spanish to the man. The man replied and seemed to bristle. The firefighter said something else. The man replied, this time, angrily. The firefighter said one other thing, and the man exploded.

    He began screaming something in Spanish and was ramming his head against the tree. No choice; we had to go hands-on. We restrained the man, and I put my handcuffs on him. We got him on a gurney, into four-point restraints, and fire transported him to the hospital.

    The firefighters in the ambulance drove off, while the Puerto Rican firefighter and his partner who’d arrived later remained. I asked him what happened. He explained to me that the man was from a different part of Puerto Rico. He said, “He could tell by my accent I was from a place where people he didn’t like lived.”

    I’d never thought much about it because Puerto Rico is relatively small. However, just like here on the mainland, it happens. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, a small state where, generally, the accents are different in Boston than in Worcester than in Springfield.

    The point is, there are so many factors that go into de-escalation some people don’t consider. Some people will not de-escalate no matter what you do. Could another officer have de-escalated an agitated person? Sure. Just like another officer might de-escalate a situation that, that officer could not. With de-escalation, sometimes it seems more art and chance than math and science.

    So, the next time you hear someone accuse an officer of “failing to de-escalate,” think about this story. And, think about all the stories you don’t know that show the same thing: if an officer uses force, it doesn’t automatically mean they failed to de-escalate. Again, some people just refuse to cooperate with our neat little plans. As the Yiddish adage goes: Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht. Man plans and God laughs.