January 07, 2021

The Outrage of January 6th, 2021: A Stolen Election Takes Hold in America: The Coup is Complete.

Last night we turned in early because my wife hasn’t been feeling well since a few days after Christmas. The Chinese Communist Party virus, perhaps, who knows? Government officials and bureaucrats have been lying to us from the start. Our illustrious Governor/Emperor Jay Inslee the Incompetent has put the state back into Phase I lockdown—for zero scientific reasons. He’s destroying our state except for government and a few large corporations at the top (some folks call them big political donors).

Anyway, because of the Gov’s renewed lockdowns and the set up at the Capitol, I had a tremendous time trying to get to sleep last night. Yesterday, whoever may read this in years to come, people may easily remember the date. It was on this day that some 200,000 – 250,000 Trump supporters descended on the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. They were there to express their rage over the Democrats stealing the 2020 presidential (and other) election (I’ll let you read the history books for the specifics).

Regardless, the day may be memorable because of a tragedy that occurred. But first, let’s set up the situation. During a truly mostly peaceful protest, unlike the raging infernos and violence occurring behind mainstream media reporters reporting BLM and Antifa riots for most of 2020, a group described as 100 or more people separated from the peaceful crowd and swarmed the Capitol grounds, which had been closed to the public.

Just based on the typical makeup and behavior of a pro-Trump crowd, violence, and disrespect for law enforcement is anathema. The anomalous rioters fought with the police and breached the Capitol. During one of these attempted breaches at a locked/barricaded door, these thugs were attempting to break in the door, when a law enforcement officer from inside shot through the door window and killed a person.

Reportedly, a law officer shot a woman from California, a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, in the neck who died within minutes from her wound. An independent journalist at the scene who said he’d spoken with the woman only minutes before, said she was not being violent and seemed to be just a peaceful protester. He said there was also an overt agitator at that door, yelling and screaming and banging on the door. The reporter said he could see Sen. Chuck Schumer inside, being escorted by officers, indicating the cops at the door were tasked with protecting Congress members who were being evacuated. Was the radical man described above the officer’s target? Perhaps. Investigations may determine that.

Either way and as much of a tragedy as this was, obviously, especially for her family, what was she doing at a door with people trying to break in and breach the U.S. Capitol. As a military veteran, she had to know how wrong that was, even if she was not the one causing damage. What was that poor young woman thinking?

So, because my wife went to bed early, I retired with her. I was not interested in staying awake in a world where the Democrats stole an election from me, President Trump, and at least 75 million other Americans, and swampy Republicans helped. It was 10:00 when I first tried to sleep, and after 11:30 when I last looked at the clock. I finally fell asleep but awoke to look at 3:11 staring me in the face. My head turned back on, and my rage returned.

Our government has abused us for too long, even those who were supposed to be on our side. Those of us living in states with tyrannical governors and mayors have it even worse. Yesterday, my daughter told me that at least if life was normal here, this government abuse is bad enough, but being able to have her kids in school, or taking the kids to hockey and gymnastics practice would provide a context in which to better deal with the stolen election. But that’s not the case in Democrat-run states.

As I mentioned, our state of Washington is back in a Phase I lockdown, the strictest. And our overlord has told us he will decree from week to week who can be open, who is essential, and who is not. Both my son and my son-in-law work in construction at various levels. Currently, they are building schools, so they are “essential workers.” Other private company construction folks are locked down as “non-essential workers.”

Think about that. Emperor Inslee, for most of last year, and now into the new year, mandated in-person schools close (even though kids are essentially immune from the virus, and even his scientists say asymptomatic transmission is not a problem), but the people building schools are essential. While the people who would construct buildings that people would actually use are non-essential. Don’t look for logic anywhere near a Democrat (and many Republican) politician or bureaucrat.

I wrote an article recently, asking what Trump supporters who strongly suspect (know) with a massive amount of evidence that the Democrats stole a presidential election from us are supposed to do with our outrage. Yesterday was the last day any viable avenue to remedy the situation occurred. After some fine U.S. representatives and senators put up a good fight, the feckless, spineless soon to be former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his spineless entourage relented and certified an illegal electoral vote count.

Did it matter that state legislatures admitted there were problems with their certifications after they’d sent them to Congress and wanted their slate of electors back? No. Seems the establishment Republicans, sadly, including VP Mike Pence, felt fealty to the Constitutional process was more important than fealty to Constitutional law. While saying they had to follow the Constitution’s ceremonial process for “counting” the electoral college vote, they completely ignored the Constitutional requirements states must follow when conducting and certifying national elections in their states.

So, the Democrats get away with a successful coup in the United States of America. And with their staunch allies in the press, academia, corporate America, Hollywood, pro sports, and the deep state (Democrat and Republican), the attempted takedown of America continues and at least 74 million Americans are left to wallow in the toxic aftermath of such a pillaging of traditional America.

I’m at least optimistic enough to say “attempted takedown” because, learning history while teachers could still teach it in America, there are lessons we learned that can give us hope. I think about what our first President, Gen. George Washington, endured during seven years of war, having to deal with a similarly feckless Congress. During an early major military action, the nascent American Revolution very nearly died in its infancy. If Washington had not escaped from New York with his Army, we’d all be speaking English right now…. Okay, forget that part, but you get the picture.

Add to this the long-suffering winter at Valley Forge, where even Martha Washington reportedly darned socks for soldiers, many of whom had no shoes. And there were the other defeats, major and minor, during the war, yet Washington and his army persevered. Then America went through the War of 1812, another we should not have won. If not for Gen. Andrew Jackson, we would not have. Of course, after the Revolution, the Civil War is the most grueling conflict on American soil. Yet, America, literally, soldiered on, and we not only kept the union, but we also ended the national disgrace of slavery. Neither WWI nor WWII was a guaranteed win. Many times, in both conflicts, it looked like Germany might prevail. But it didn’t.

And last but not close to least, divine intervention, has played a part in America’s history. There are threads woven throughout American history that tell an otherworldly story of what the religious would attribute to divine intervention. The non-religious have a more difficult time describing these history-changing events often relying on simple coincidence. Maybe, but it sure seems like a sentient hand had a part in some of our history.

For example, George Washington. Just a few stories about him alone are hard to dismiss. As an officer, first fighting for a British militia in the French and Indian War, then as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, the man suffered barely a scratch in combat. During the former conflict, Indian forces reeled as they saw their bullets sail perilously close to but harmlessly past Washington, inflicting only wounds to his coat.

During the Revolution, Washington had multiple horses shot out from beneath him while he remained unscathed. Arguably, his death could have meant the death of the American struggle. During that early action in New York, mentioned above, the only reason Washington got his troops out of New York was because of an unusual and persistent thick fog that provided cover while the Army escaped. Divine intervention or coincidence? Either way, it is eerie to consider. We could use a bit of that about now.

So, though these examples from history seem like thin threads to hold on to, today, when we put them together and in perspective, they comprise a taut, thick rope we can hold on to as we plunge into an uncertain future. Recalling what American Revolution patriots endured to provide us with the freedoms and liberty we still, for the time being, enjoy, getting aroused from sleep by an unsettled mind at 3:11 a.m. isn’t even close to suffering.             


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