• The Outrage of January 6th, 2021: A Stolen Election Takes Hold in America: The Coup is Complete.

    Last night we turned in early because my wife hasn’t been feeling well since a few days after Christmas. The Chinese Communist Party virus, perhaps, who knows? Government officials and bureaucrats have been lying to us from the start. Our illustrious Governor/Emperor Jay Inslee the Incompetent has put the state back into Phase I lockdown—for zero scientific reasons. He’s destroying our state except for government and a few large corporations at the top (some folks call them big political donors).

    Anyway, because of the Gov’s renewed lockdowns and the set up at the Capitol, I had a tremendous time trying to get to sleep last night. Yesterday, whoever may read this in years to come, people may easily remember the date. It was on this day that some 200,000 – 250,000 Trump supporters descended on the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. They were there to express their rage over the Democrats stealing the 2020 presidential (and other) election (I’ll let you read the history books for the specifics).

    Regardless, the day may be memorable because of a tragedy that occurred. But first, let’s set up the situation. During a truly mostly peaceful protest, unlike the raging infernos and violence occurring behind mainstream media reporters reporting BLM and Antifa riots for most of 2020, a group described as 100 or more people separated from the peaceful crowd and swarmed the Capitol grounds, which had been closed to the public.

    Just based on the typical makeup and behavior of a pro-Trump crowd, violence, and disrespect for law enforcement is anathema. The anomalous rioters fought with the police and breached the Capitol. During one of these attempted breaches at a locked/barricaded door, these thugs were attempting to break in the door, when a law enforcement officer from inside shot through the door window and killed a person.

    Reportedly, a law officer shot a woman from California, a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, in the neck who died within minutes from her wound. An independent journalist at the scene who said he’d spoken with the woman only minutes before, said she was not being violent and seemed to be just a peaceful protester. He said there was also an overt agitator at that door, yelling and screaming and banging on the door. The reporter said he could see Sen. Chuck Schumer inside, being escorted by officers, indicating the cops at the door were tasked with protecting Congress members who were being evacuated. Was the radical man described above the officer’s target? Perhaps. Investigations may determine that.

    Either way and as much of a tragedy as this was, obviously, especially for her family, what was she doing at a door with people trying to break in and breach the U.S. Capitol. As a military veteran, she had to know how wrong that was, even if she was not the one causing damage. What was that poor young woman thinking?

    So, because my wife went to bed early, I retired with her. I was not interested in staying awake in a world where the Democrats stole an election from me, President Trump, and at least 75 million other Americans, and swampy Republicans helped. It was 10:00 when I first tried to sleep, and after 11:30 when I last looked at the clock. I finally fell asleep but awoke to look at 3:11 staring me in the face. My head turned back on, and my rage returned.

    Our government has abused us for too long, even those who were supposed to be on our side. Those of us living in states with tyrannical governors and mayors have it even worse. Yesterday, my daughter told me that at least if life was normal here, this government abuse is bad enough, but being able to have her kids in school, or taking the kids to hockey and gymnastics practice would provide a context in which to better deal with the stolen election. But that’s not the case in Democrat-run states.

    As I mentioned, our state of Washington is back in a Phase I lockdown, the strictest. And our overlord has told us he will decree from week to week who can be open, who is essential, and who is not. Both my son and my son-in-law work in construction at various levels. Currently, they are building schools, so they are “essential workers.” Other private company construction folks are locked down as “non-essential workers.”

    Think about that. Emperor Inslee, for most of last year, and now into the new year, mandated in-person schools close (even though kids are essentially immune from the virus, and even his scientists say asymptomatic transmission is not a problem), but the people building schools are essential. While the people who would construct buildings that people would actually use are non-essential. Don’t look for logic anywhere near a Democrat (and many Republican) politician or bureaucrat.

    I wrote an article recently, asking what Trump supporters who strongly suspect (know) with a massive amount of evidence that the Democrats stole a presidential election from us are supposed to do with our outrage. Yesterday was the last day any viable avenue to remedy the situation occurred. After some fine U.S. representatives and senators put up a good fight, the feckless, spineless soon to be former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his spineless entourage relented and certified an illegal electoral vote count.

    Did it matter that state legislatures admitted there were problems with their certifications after they’d sent them to Congress and wanted their slate of electors back? No. Seems the establishment Republicans, sadly, including VP Mike Pence, felt fealty to the Constitutional process was more important than fealty to Constitutional law. While saying they had to follow the Constitution’s ceremonial process for “counting” the electoral college vote, they completely ignored the Constitutional requirements states must follow when conducting and certifying national elections in their states.

    So, the Democrats get away with a successful coup in the United States of America. And with their staunch allies in the press, academia, corporate America, Hollywood, pro sports, and the deep state (Democrat and Republican), the attempted takedown of America continues and at least 74 million Americans are left to wallow in the toxic aftermath of such a pillaging of traditional America.

    I’m at least optimistic enough to say “attempted takedown” because, learning history while teachers could still teach it in America, there are lessons we learned that can give us hope. I think about what our first President, Gen. George Washington, endured during seven years of war, having to deal with a similarly feckless Congress. During an early major military action, the nascent American Revolution very nearly died in its infancy. If Washington had not escaped from New York with his Army, we’d all be speaking English right now…. Okay, forget that part, but you get the picture.

    Add to this the long-suffering winter at Valley Forge, where even Martha Washington reportedly darned socks for soldiers, many of whom had no shoes. And there were the other defeats, major and minor, during the war, yet Washington and his army persevered. Then America went through the War of 1812, another we should not have won. If not for Gen. Andrew Jackson, we would not have. Of course, after the Revolution, the Civil War is the most grueling conflict on American soil. Yet, America, literally, soldiered on, and we not only kept the union, but we also ended the national disgrace of slavery. Neither WWI nor WWII was a guaranteed win. Many times, in both conflicts, it looked like Germany might prevail. But it didn’t.

    And last but not close to least, divine intervention, has played a part in America’s history. There are threads woven throughout American history that tell an otherworldly story of what the religious would attribute to divine intervention. The non-religious have a more difficult time describing these history-changing events often relying on simple coincidence. Maybe, but it sure seems like a sentient hand had a part in some of our history.

    For example, George Washington. Just a few stories about him alone are hard to dismiss. As an officer, first fighting for a British militia in the French and Indian War, then as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, the man suffered barely a scratch in combat. During the former conflict, Indian forces reeled as they saw their bullets sail perilously close to but harmlessly past Washington, inflicting only wounds to his coat.

    During the Revolution, Washington had multiple horses shot out from beneath him while he remained unscathed. Arguably, his death could have meant the death of the American struggle. During that early action in New York, mentioned above, the only reason Washington got his troops out of New York was because of an unusual and persistent thick fog that provided cover while the Army escaped. Divine intervention or coincidence? Either way, it is eerie to consider. We could use a bit of that about now.

    So, though these examples from history seem like thin threads to hold on to, today, when we put them together and in perspective, they comprise a taut, thick rope we can hold on to as we plunge into an uncertain future. Recalling what American Revolution patriots endured to provide us with the freedoms and liberty we still, for the time being, enjoy, getting aroused from sleep by an unsettled mind at 3:11 a.m. isn’t even close to suffering.             

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  • Take Back America, Americans!

    November 1, 2020

    by Bryan Pomper

    More than ever before, COVID-19 public policy, assisted by the mainstream media (MSM), is herding people like sheep. Most of these policies make little to no sense when held up to the light and scrutinized with any logical questioning. 

    The MSM, liberal politicians and useful idiots in sports and Hollywood have driven home these asinine mandates and rules to the point where it is fear that people are reacting to, not truth and logic. Take the mask mandates. T scientists who created the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD), three of the most prominent virologists in the world, from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford, oppose lockdowns and mask mandates. Over 30,000 medical professionals have signed on to endorse it. But if you ask someone who watches the MSM about it, they’ll likely tell you they have never heard of the GBD, a more than credible international effort.

    “Protect your neighbor.” “Stay safe.” “Do your part.” “Keep your social distance; stay six feet away.” These are all things lockdown and mask proponents have drilled down onto our emotional responses over the last 226 days, which was originally 15 days to “Flatten the curve.” 

    Do a little research and find out about masking to “protect” yourself or your neighbor. These masks were never intended to be worn for long periods of time. Even OSHA recognizes that this is a health hazard, not something to keep people healthy or protect others from getting sick. 

    Surgeons may wear these masks for extended periods of time during surgery. However, they have extra Oxygen pumped into the room to comply with OSHA oxygen requirements. If you are not wearing a surgical mask and choose to wear a cloth face covering, you are also putting yourself at a higher risk of pneumonia, thrush, lightheadedness, and other serious health concerns.

    The KGB performed a social experiment in the mid-1960s into the human psyche and their reaction to fear. The results were incredible and are still true today. The study concluded that if the general population is exposed to information that induces a fear response for right around two months, people are so brainwashed that even if clear, credible evidence to the contrary is presented, people, will reject the new information because fear is the most powerful emotion people have. 

    As Americans, we have a responsibility to make sure we are vigilant and caring for the tree of liberty. It is a sacred tree, and if we don’t protect it, the world will lose the opportunity to live in or strive for liberty forever.

    I want with all my heart to see people wake up en mass. I believe that is happening in certain areas and with some demographics. I see Blacks, Latinos, Gays, and other groups taking the “red pill” in seemingly record numbers. I feel the energy for Donald Trump, even here in the Seattle area. I witnessed a group of about 30 supporters, waving Trump signs on the corner of one of the most liberal neighborhoods in Seattle. 

    This would have never happened four years ago. I believe it’s happening now because people are sick of the illogical mandates, especially masking healthy people for no reason other than to make the population easier to control. If you want your country back, vote R, stop the mandates, stop the BS, and let’s get back to being Americans who pursue happiness, not safety at the cost of liberty.

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  • What Happened to Equal Justice, Law and Order, the Rule of Law?

    I have opinions on politics—surprise, surprise. Most of us do, right? But I try to limit my punditry to topics directly related to law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The specific area of my expertise and experience. Although, I grant myself a bit of political latitude when writing for my own blog.  

    But, these days, politics and law enforcement, much too often, intersect. As a retired cop and an American citizen, I am on the verge of freaking out (yes, technical term) over America’s increasingly multi-tiered criminal injustice system. Local criminal justice systems don’t want to hold the poor responsible for their actions, and at the federal level, the rich and powerful get away with… well, you know. Leaves us deplorables in the middle to pay the full justice freight.

    I’m sipping my coffee while reading a story about the DOJ recommending six months prison time for General Flynn for “lying” to FBI investigators who said he didn’t lie to them. Then, I see a nearby story and read about the DOJ dropping another investigation into possible Hillary Clinton wrongdoing (I know… the Clintons and wrongdoing is like the biggest oxymoron, right?).  

    A Hillary-friendly article about the DOJ decision in WashingtonMonthly.com pointed out, “According to the Washington Post, [U.S. Attorney John] Huber found nothing [after investigating Hillary].” The Post had reported, “A Justice Department inquiry launched more than two years ago to mollify conservatives clamoring for more investigations of Hillary Clinton has effectively ended with no tangible results, and current and former law enforcement officials said they never expected the effort to produce much of anything.” [emphasis mine]

    Well, that comment doesn’t inspire much confidence in law enforcement officials supposedly after the truth, does it? It’s not like they were investigating Mother Teresa. Although, that they never expected the effort to produce much doesn’t mean there was nothing to produce; it seems they just didn’t want to produce it.   

    Mrs. Clinton, of course, is the perennially controversy-ridden high official who, not allegedly but actually, used a software program to destroy subpoenaed email evidence (at least 33K emails) and then had staff use hammers to destroy her electronic devices the email had been stored on.

    These incidents, which comprise probably only three percent (or less) of her dark resume (think dark web), is not conjecture or speculation. In fact, even she didn’t deny it.

    Fox News Channel reporter Ed Henry: “Did you wipe the server?”

    Secretary Clinton: “Like with a cloth or something?”

    Clinton’s sole assurance was to declare to authorities and the American people that she only deleted “personal” emails about yoga and her grandchild. Oh, well as long as she said that. What more objective source could we possibly find? We also know—for sure—she had classified material on her private email server. A huge no-no–well, for everyone else.

    Yet Gen. Flynn is still twisting in the wind awaiting the deep state’s wrath while the wicked witch of Washington floats off free, flanked by her flying monkeys (these would be her immunity posse). The DOJ granted immunity to her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, John Bentel, Heather Samuelson, Bryan Pagliano, who was Hillary’s former IT aide, and Paul Combetta).

    So, you’re investigating someone for email server (information technology) malfeasance, and you give immunity to the person responsible for maintaining information technology? Well, at least you got some good information in exchange for that immunity, right? Nope. Nobody gave up nuthin’. I don’t think they were even asked. Hillary skates again.

    I also saw a story about the FISA appointing a well-known Democrat hack, David Kris, to oversee remedies for a plethora of FISA court abuses. Kris is infamous for defending the FISA warrants based on the Steele Dossier, the Trump witch hunt, and the corresponding (ongoing) coup. He is also an outspoken critic of Rep. Devin Nunes, whom Kris felt should be criminally charged (in essence, for bringing out the truth about FISA abuses).  

    Here I’m thinking, man, the FISA judges will be pissed off with what high ranking Intel, Justice, and Obama administration officials allegedly did. Now, how can I not wonder if the FISA judges were/are an integral part of the shenanigans? Rather than threaten severe consequences, the amazingly quiet court, until recently, appoints a blatantly biased overseer likely to bolster the evident intrigue already underway.

    We probably also shouldn’t forget it is U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts who appoints FISA judges. I’m just sayin’…

    Then we have government intel agencies spying on Sharyl Attkisson et al. The et al. being the host of other Americans our government’s intelligence community apparently spied on. Just what happened to Attkisson alone could fill a book (and likely will someday). Still, her evidence, including a confession by one of the spies, wasn’t good enough for the judge who dismissed her case.

    Attkisson told Bill O’Reilly on the No Spin Zone that a judge recently dismissed her case despite the confession. Fortunately, she is refiling the case, adding names where the court asserted her case had been deficient. She also said she’d spent over $150K in legal costs, so far, in her search for justice. A supporter has set up a Gofundme page to assist her with legal costs.

    Many conservative pundits have cited cable audiences fleeing shows like Rachel Maddow’s on MSNBC because hosts kept promising the takedown of President Trump—repeated bombshells, which didn’t come to pass.

    What about those audiences on the right? Nightly, hosts, expert guests, and Republican political officials keep telling people that officials in high places will finally be held accountable for their bad acts. So far, all I’ve seen is the DOJ refusing to file charges against disgraced former FBI director Jim Comey for obvious incongruent statements under oath. And the DOJ refusing to cooperate with Sharyl Attkisson’s lawyers regarding the government spying on her. I believe the DOJ is also continuing to stonewall the folks at judicialwatch.com who are always and steadfastly searching for evidence of government corruption.  

    There’s one big problem that AG Barr apparently hasn’t addressed yet. Attkisson told O’Reilly that the same DOJ folks on her case during the Obama administration are still handling her case today. Anyone else see a major problem with that? She sounded an ominous warning when she told O’Reilly about the government asking a court to dismiss a case because of how long it had been active. Delay and dismiss seems to be their tack.

    They’re the government. They can outspend and outlast anyone.  

    At least with the lefty cable news hosts’ promises, the currency backing them were now well-debunked lies. Hell, their mighty savior, Bob Mueller, came riding in on a nag and only helped prove the left’s lies and dispel their myths.

    On the right, people like President Trump, U.S. Reps. like Nunes, Gowdy, Chaffetz (former), Gaetz, and Meadows, along with investigative journalists such as John Solomon and Sarah Carter have been proven correct about the FISA abuses and other wrongdoing. Still, the deep state is also deep-seated and profoundly tenacious.  

    Don’t tell me no one’s above the law when the system is right now showing us that some people are definitely above the law. I really hope AG Barr proves me wrong. I’ll happily admit it.

  • In Seattle, You Better Shovel the Snow, but You Don’t Have to Shovel Your Sh…t.

    Her Honor, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has that deftest of political skill where she can utter two disparate things, at the same time, and each with a straight face. Here’s what I’m talking about. Seattle is experiencing some infrequent severe winter weather. Arctic cold blowing down from Canada and bringing with it snow. Happens maybe once or twice, or less, a year in these climes. Mayor Durkan has become infamous for her policies essentially prohibiting, or at least impeding, the cops’ ability to enforce “street crimes,” including defecating in public, which happens much more than once or twice a year. But she recently issued another edict mandating cops enforce a city ordinance. Though the city says it will “prioritize educating over fines,” it may fine normally law-abiding, taxpaying residents $50, if they don’t shovel the snow off the sidewalks in front of their homes. Well, ain’t that something? Finally, there is a law-and-order Durkan after all. Just as long as the “criminals” come from the right part of society. So, here’s how you can reconcile Mayor Durkan’s bipolar view of law enforcement. If you’re shoveling snow off the sidewalk in front of your place, and you find yourself stymied by a steaming pile of human ordure, don’t worry about the dung. So long as you make the snow vanish, you can preserve the people-poop in perpetuity—but if it’s dog crap, then you’d better shovel that too. When will the good taxpaying people of Seattle realize, even the liberals, that the mayor and city council think of you as the “basket of deplorables” Mrs. Clinton denounced during the 2016 presidential campaign? Just remember, Mayor Durkan’s deplorables aren’t so-called because they are, in fact, deplorable. The deplorables are deplorable specifically because leftist leaders treat them so deplorably.


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