November 01, 2020

Take Back America, Americans!

November 1, 2020

by Bryan Pomper

More than ever before, COVID-19 public policy, assisted by the mainstream media (MSM), is herding people like sheep. Most of these policies make little to no sense when held up to the light and scrutinized with any logical questioning. 

The MSM, liberal politicians and useful idiots in sports and Hollywood have driven home these asinine mandates and rules to the point where it is fear that people are reacting to, not truth and logic. Take the mask mandates. T scientists who created the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD), three of the most prominent virologists in the world, from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford, oppose lockdowns and mask mandates. Over 30,000 medical professionals have signed on to endorse it. But if you ask someone who watches the MSM about it, they’ll likely tell you they have never heard of the GBD, a more than credible international effort.

“Protect your neighbor.” “Stay safe.” “Do your part.” “Keep your social distance; stay six feet away.” These are all things lockdown and mask proponents have drilled down onto our emotional responses over the last 226 days, which was originally 15 days to “Flatten the curve.” 

Do a little research and find out about masking to “protect” yourself or your neighbor. These masks were never intended to be worn for long periods of time. Even OSHA recognizes that this is a health hazard, not something to keep people healthy or protect others from getting sick. 

Surgeons may wear these masks for extended periods of time during surgery. However, they have extra Oxygen pumped into the room to comply with OSHA oxygen requirements. If you are not wearing a surgical mask and choose to wear a cloth face covering, you are also putting yourself at a higher risk of pneumonia, thrush, lightheadedness, and other serious health concerns.

The KGB performed a social experiment in the mid-1960s into the human psyche and their reaction to fear. The results were incredible and are still true today. The study concluded that if the general population is exposed to information that induces a fear response for right around two months, people are so brainwashed that even if clear, credible evidence to the contrary is presented, people, will reject the new information because fear is the most powerful emotion people have. 

As Americans, we have a responsibility to make sure we are vigilant and caring for the tree of liberty. It is a sacred tree, and if we don’t protect it, the world will lose the opportunity to live in or strive for liberty forever.

I want with all my heart to see people wake up en mass. I believe that is happening in certain areas and with some demographics. I see Blacks, Latinos, Gays, and other groups taking the “red pill” in seemingly record numbers. I feel the energy for Donald Trump, even here in the Seattle area. I witnessed a group of about 30 supporters, waving Trump signs on the corner of one of the most liberal neighborhoods in Seattle. 

This would have never happened four years ago. I believe it’s happening now because people are sick of the illogical mandates, especially masking healthy people for no reason other than to make the population easier to control. If you want your country back, vote R, stop the mandates, stop the BS, and let’s get back to being Americans who pursue happiness, not safety at the cost of liberty.


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