February 03, 2023

You Can Blame Everything on “Racism,” If You’re a Moron?

Seattle/King County has a history of blaming everything on, what else, racism. Remember when Seattle said Math was racist? Ignoring the axiom, if everything is racist, then nothing is racist, a Seattle public health official, apparently unwilling to look in the mirror to find the actual cause of crime, homelessness, and drug overdoses, is blaming “structural racism.” You know, because adding an adjective to racism helps gives it the gravitas overuse takes away. 

According to Daily Caller, Sharon Bogan, Seattle/King County’s Public Health spokeswoman, told KIRO 7 News, “The underlying root causes that have resulted in the current overdose crisis are, unfortunately, not ones that will be reversed overnight. Structural factors, including lack of economic opportunities, social isolation, structural racism, criminalization of substance use disorders, housing stability, and stigma, are just some of the factors that will require long-term, systematic changes and resources at all levels, from federal to state to local.”

Not “reversed overnight.” Well, thank God for that. Otherwise, the radical leftist homeless/crime/drug overdose industrial complex golden goose would stop laying eggs. There’s a reason that 30 years ago when I first joined the Seattle Police Department, leftist activists were advocating for and blaming the same things they are now. Systemic racism, even though they’ve been the “system” in Seattle for at least 50 years. 

The featured image at the head of this piece shows a Seattle City Council meeting with homeless advocates in 2016. Great job they’ve done cleaning up the city, eh? It’s much worse today. You’ll also notice the current mayor, Bruce Harrell (second from right), was in that meeting as a council member. Has he learned anything? Doesn’t seem so, so far.

Yet, not only does the problem not get better, it worsens. Does anyone ever wonder why the places where the homeless/crime/overdose crises are the worst are where leftists control the government and are trying to “fix” it? This is why it’s gotten so bad recently that King County complained they don’t have enough storage room for the CCP’s (via Mexican cartels) dead Fentanyl victims. 

Seattle/King County are obviously not serious about finding real solutions when “The county currently operates a needle exchange, which supplies “people who use drugs by injection” or PWDI, with clean needles to reduce harm and enable drug users to inject themselves in a safer manner.” Because we all know enablers are the best thing for addicts looking to get off drugs. 

When I call these people morons, I’m actually paying them a compliment. By moron, I’m assuming the “problem” isn’t being “fixed” because of stupidity or insanity, and it’s not intentional. So, let’s just call them morons for now while they keep proving to us they’re not stupid, they’re just not fixing it on purpose. Blaming it on “structural racism” is one item of evidence they’re not trying to fix it.

The other day I saw a news clip of Gavin Newsom in 2008, as mayor of San Francisco. He was touting the identical “solutions” he’s advocating for today as governor that obviously didn’t work 15 years ago. And, like Bogan, Newsom says it without the slightest bit of irony. 

After all, if they solve the problem, they can no longer run on it as an issue or steal the people’s tax money to “fix” it. If people die, who cares. We’re all be better off with Democrats running things, right? At least, that’s what they keep saying.  


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