July 16, 2022

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How Did the GOP “Court” Latino Voters? With Honesty and Better Ideas

Originally published at TatumReport.com

The ABC News caption read, “GOP Push to Court Latinos in Texas.” How did the GOP “court” Latinos? Simply by telling the truth and offering policies and holding traditional values that make sense. Coming off a week where America watched a university professor ask a U.S. senator if he believed a man could have a baby. And when the senator said, “no,” she berated him as “homophobic.” All people need candidates they can vote for who make sense.

The Democrats are cynical when it comes to voter identity. In fact, William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, wrote, “The Democrats had a plan. They called it ‘Demography is Destiny.’ Democrats were going to ride race and ethnicity to permanent power, to pigeon-hole Republicans as the party of the shrinking elite whites.”

But that’s not what happened. Without much official outreach, Hispanic voters are swarming to the GOP, not because of some swampy leaders still infecting the Party in Washington but, because of the liberty-loving ideas of traditional American patriots of all races and ethnicities who want to return to Trump’s America Biden is destroying.

As the National Association of Hispanic Journalists told DOCTOR Jill Biden, “We are not tacos.” They’re also decidedly not “Latinx,” because it’s stupid, but also because they’re proud of their rich Spanish, gendered, language heritage.

Hispanics and Latinos are also religiously traditional, many being Catholic. They tend to oppose abortion, and they really oppose really stupid Democrats who’ve exploited them, lied to them, and taken their votes for granted for decades.

Legal Insurrection also notes “The Great Realignment: Democrats increasingly the party of elite whites, Republicans increasingly racially-diverse and working class.”

Now Americans are being treated to Democrats, such as in The New York Times, warning Hispanics and Latinos to beware of “Republican Far-Right Latinas.”

While the Democrats have their “Karens,” conservative Republicans have strong Latinas such as Mayra Flores, Monica de la Cruz, and Cassy Garcia. If they are successful, according to ADN America, they “stand to become the first Hispanic women and the first Republicans to represent South Texas in the United States Congress.”


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