• Seattle Police Chief Begs Officers to Enforce the Law

    “SEATTLE— Kathleen O’Toole, this city’s new police chief, recently visited some of her department’s stations to deliver an unusual message: It’s OK to arrest people who violently break the law.”

    So begins a Wall Street Journal (Dec. 30, 2014) article regarding how low policing in Seattle has fallen in what was, before the liberals and the DOJ severely damaged it, one of the most respected and emulated police departments in America. This subject deserves more than this casual response. However, being New Years Eve, and my day being consumed with other obligations, casual will have to do, but I felt compelled to make a brief comment.

    “‘If you get agitators who threaten the police or the public, you have to arrest them,’ she [O’Toole] said.”

    So, this is what the liberal anti-police onslaught has come to: a major American city police chief must beg her cops to enforce the law. Pathetic. But, this is what the community is allowing to happen. This is what they get. What I wonder is, what did the community and its leaders expect? I retired from the SPD earlier this year, and ten years earlier than I had intended, because cops are not allowed to do police work in Seattle. And, I’m not the only one to leave the department with  a similar sentiment.

    The chief can request, beseech, plead and implore her cops to do police work all she wants, but she is missing an important ingredient: Seattle’s cops simply do not trust their leaders. Why should they? Over the past several years, perhaps back to WTO and even earlier, the city and police leaders have given their police officers ample reasons to distrust them.

    What happens if, after an officer decides to comply with the chief’s instructions to “arrest them,” that officer has to use force to complete the arrest? Will the chief back the officer when the media comes calling, or are we more likely to hear: Well, I didn’t mean that kind of force? Then, as happens too often, the officer gets fed to the liberal media meat grinder.

    Happy New Year!

  • Good Police Work Doesn’t Matter Anymore

    Today it doesn’t matter if cops do the job right. When I was a rookie cop, I remember police academy instructors telling me, with regard to potential discipline, prosecution or loss of job, “You’ll never have anything to worry about as long as you do your job honestly and properly.” Well, most people today wouldn’t know good police work if it walked up and hit them over the head (What, bad example?).

    Over the many years, optimistic cops teaching on-going training courses would respond to officer concerns about the social justices in the increasingly liberal Seattle and federal governments placing police officers in their cross hairs when they are involved in high-profile incidents. I was again told, “You’ll never have anything to worry about as long as you do your job honestly and properly.”

    Well, perhaps one of these people can tell me what to think about what just happened to former Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson? Officer Wilson, went to work, sat in roll call, hit the streets and then began handling his calls. According to the evidence, after assisting a mother with a sick baby, Wilson went back on patrol. After observing a possible robbery suspect walking in the street, he engaged in good police work. For his efforts, the 6’4”, 294# robbery suspect attacked Wilson and attempted to take the officer’s gun. A few moments later the felony robbery suspect charged at the officer, forcing Wilson to shoot the suspect in self-defense. Since the suspect had already tried to get Wilson’s firearm, any police officer knows the suspect is likely to try again.

    The evidence shows that Darren Wilson did, “his job honestly and properly.” Society used to call it good police work. Wilson should not have had anything to worry about, right? And by saying this I am not disparaging my instructors or any officer who has ever made this statement. On retrospect, it may have been overly optimistic, but they were right: cops shouldn’t have to worry when they do the job right. They understood good police work.

    However, far from “never having anything to worry about,” leftist politics dragged Wilson through the stress of an unnecessary grand jury hearing, and now he has had to resign the job he loves. Officer Wilson (and his family) now live in fear for their lives, while civic leaders and celebrities, such as the Congressional Black Caucus and at least five members of the St. Louis Rams, honor a criminal who assaulted a police officer, as if he were some kind of hero.

    So, for all of you cops out there who run the daily risk of becoming involved in the same type of violent situation Darren Wilson found himself in on that now infamous August day, please don’t allow this incident to cause you to hesitate. Every officer knows that hesitation can result in tragedy. Remember, liberal leaders do not care about cops. They reduce cops to convenient caricatures, consider cops a necessary evil and they will attempt to bring cops down as often as possible.

    People talk about the fear of so-called, “de-policing.” Well, if anyone wonders why a white officer (or a black or Asian officer, for that matter) might opt not to get out of his or her patrol car to confront a black robbery suspect, just remember Ferguson. The left has shown nothing but contempt for America’s police officers in fabricating this war on cops.

    Leftist political leaders are fond of paying lip service to cops at their funerals (which, sadly, New York Mayor Deblasio recently demonstrated) or when presiding at law enforcement memorials. They say, “The vast majority of police officers are decent, honest and hardworking men and women…” Then they return to their other duties and proceed to treat all cops as if each and every one of them is the exception.