February 16, 2010

Steve Pomper

1: Reduce Spending; 2: Reduce the Size of Government; 3: Return to the Constitution

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I forget which radio blabbermouth I was listening to the other day, blabbermouth being a term I use with irreverent affection, poking fun more at myself than the blabberer, who congealed an issue for me, which has been floating around in my head as sort of an amorphous cloud.


Doesn’t matter who it was, being the talk-radio/news junkie that I feel I have to be these days, because I don’t trust the government no matter who’s been in charge, the point made me sigh in relief, and I’m grateful—I think it was Glen Beck.


I’ve wondered how you can get a significant majority of Americans to agree on anything political these days. One way is to distill what most want down to a very few, but imperative issues. Blabbermouth—sorry, I mean Glen—mentioned three primary issues that seem to unite the tea parties, conservatives, and even moderates, which comprise a significant majority of Americans today. One: Reduce government spending. Two: Reduce the size of Government. Three: Return to the U.S. Constitution.


If we did nothing else, but adopt this common sense trio, America would be well on its way to solving its significant problems. The catastrophic, progressive/liberal experiment, which has significantly interrupted our Founder’s uniquely American experiment of individual liberty and self-government, should be declared dead and tossed out to join its parent, Marxism, as President Ronald Reagan declared, “…on the ash-heap of history.”


Progressivism may be a more inocuous-sounding term, but like Marxism, it has been repeatedly demonstrated as dangerous to liberty and should rightly be extinct, but there are always leftists who maintain the irrational position, “If only we did…,” thinking more or less of something would have made the difference, and thus their “socialist utopia” realized. Sort of like the prominent New Deal liberal, Idaho Senator William E. Borah, who, after the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, famously declared, “Lord, if I could only have talked with Hitler, all this might have been avoided.”


If I were to be generous, which I’m not inclined to be with statists, I might grant that some progressives may be well-meaning, even if only within their own delusions, but they have also duped themselves into thinking the dystopia they’ve actually created, which they usually find away to blame on capitalists, could be transformed into a utopia, if only….


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