February 14, 2016

Seattle Cops: Resisting Reformation? No! Resisting Transformation.

Cop haters spreading sub-culture mythologies.

A couple days ago, the Seattle police chief, Kathleen O’Toole, attended a Seattle University forum on police reforms. It is critical to understand that this issue is not about a sincere desire to reform the Seattle Police Department (SPD); it’s about a corrupt desire to transform the SPD–and law enforcement across America.

The political left in this city, in all their ignorant glory, want to transform law enforcement from effective into some amorphous hodgepodge of ambiguous social justice nonsense. By spreading mythologies such as “Hands up, don’t shoot” and assertions the police are shooting unarmed, young black men at epidemic levels, which is supported by no valid statistics, society is fooled into believing there is a problem where none exists. And, that brings up a tangent issue. To talk to some of these cop haters you’d swear unarmed equates with not dangerous. Some even speak as if talking about a sport where the number of cops killed should be equal to the number of criminals killed—to make it fair.


Seattle’s cops were defrauded by a corrupt DOJ.

The average Seattle cop knows that the SPD was not in need of institutional reform. Improvement, sure, but improvement does not mean radical reform. Police departments can always benefit from advances in genuine law enforcement techniques and technologies. However, the fact that a department can benefit from innovation does not mean they are guilty of corruption or are in need of drastic reform. Just because the cop haters don’t like the way law enforcement is conducted doesn’t mean the methods are wrong. I never made or saw a violent arrest that looked “good.”

The fact the DOJ arrived at such ludicrous statistics alleging high levels of Seattle police misconduct and then refused to release its methodology as to how it arrived at its conclusions reveals the fraud. The fact the city ignored a more comprehensive study done by Seattle University Professor Matthew J. Hickman was to spit in its police officers’ faces. Professor Hickman suggested Seattle tell the DOJ to leave town and demand an apology. Read it for yourself here: Special to Seattle Times. Instead, Seattle’s liberal leaders gave the DOJ the keys to the city and let them ravage a once great police department.


Resisting reform.

Seattle’s cops are not “resisting reforms” as anti-cop factions purport; SPD’s police officers are resisting a transformation that is dangerous for Seattle, Washington state, and America, especially in this day and age of terrorist threats. With statements to SPD officers such as this one, “The train has left the station. Get on board or consider other options,” Chief O’Toole insults the men and women of the SPD who didn’t deserve this purely political onslaught by Seattle’s leftist cop critics and their local and federal government co-conspirators. But, I imagine it won’t be too long before the Chief will have “done her duty” for the leftist cause and will leave to take a position in the other Washington before President Obama leaves office. As they say, only time will tell.


A dangerous trend in policing.

This is a dangerous trend in American policing. When leftists are able to conflate reform with transform and then demonize any opposition as racist, sexist, homophobic, or resisting reforms, the results can only be catastrophic. To the lucid folks still remaining in Seattle, educate yourself as often as possible about the complicated job society asks its police officers to do. Try as much as is possible to put yourself in an officer’s position during violent incidents. Don’t rely on the neatly composed scenarios your mind creates when you think about how a cop reacts (or should have reacted) to a violent situation you hear, read, or see in the media. Like the thriller novelist, throw those wrenches into the works, and at the worst times possible, and you’ll begin to have an inkling of what an officer faces in the moment of crisis. Just remember, the good men and women of the SPD never deserved this push to transform good police work into some social justice Utopian dreamland where no suspect ever gets hurt or killed. SPD, like so many other law enforcement agencies, got swept up by a liberal, progressive, statist political movement bent on transforming the United States of America–wait… Where have I heard that before?


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