December 18, 2013

Seattle Curiosities

Fabricating a Federal Fiction in Seattle

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“As I say at every new-hire orientation session ‘you do not give up one single constitutional right when you pin on your badge’” (The Guardian, June, 2013). Sgt. Rich O’Neill, President Seattle Police Officers Guild.”

Note: The following article represents my own views. In exercising my First Amendment rights, I do not speak for anyone other than myself.

Seattle media, again without context, has broadcast yet another report of the effects of the DOJ Consent Decree imposition of new policies on Seattle’s police officers. In this case, it has to do with police use-of-force reporting.

It is important to remind everyone that the consent decree is based upon a fraud committed against the good men and women of the Seattle Police Department. The local media virtually ignoring this fraud is a testament to the anti-police bias of local media.

That the City of Seattle is wasting millions of its citizensdollars on a federal fiction aided and abetted by Seattle’s media, politicians, administrators, crisis entrepreneurs, and the past and current police chiefs, is a scandal. However, it is a scandal that I’m sure will continue to go on ignored.


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