April 05, 2009

Steve Pomper


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Here’s something that might not on the face of it seem like something within my normal topic range. Global Warming. However, since a certain political end of the spectrum seems to have an affinity for controlling people’s behavior by any means necessary, and Global Warming hysteria being high on the list of these crisis entrepreneurs, I’m going to address it today.


Before I begin I do have to make one observation: When I was in school in the ‘70s, I remember an attempt being made to sell us Global Cooling, with the, “next ice age,” advancing on us at a perilous pace. Good thing for Global Warming; apparently it’s done a great job of halting the advancing glaciers. At any rate, it appears that the term, “Global Warming,” having just had one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record, has morphed into the catchall, “Climate Change;” which in my opinion leaves them a bit hot and cold on the entire issue.

My impetus for briefly tackling this subject was a show I watched last night called, How the Earth was made. It’s an excellently produced show that I’d recommend any natural sciences teacher consider for his or her class.


This particular episode focused on how the Great Lakes were formed. Two things stood out. One: When it became apparent the water level in some of the lakes was lowering, some folks immediately began lamenting the reason without exploring the issue beyond their eyes: Global Warming—Aahhhhgggggghhhh!!!


And two: Objective and intellectually honest scientists quickly dismissed this—conclusion. Apparently, the water level isn’t lowering at all; the land is rising. No; really. Seems after an eon or so under the pressure of millions of tons of ice, the land is actually springing back upward like a sponge.


This also brought up an interesting observation about so many nature documentaries. A group of scientists will go to great lengths in these programs to explain how climate change is a matter of course throughout Earth’s existence. I even heard a scientist the other day explain and odd anomaly, which occurred some millennia ago, where the Earth experienced a fifteen degree rise in temperature over a mere fifty years.   


We know about El Nino (warming), and La Nina (cooling), (but not so much these days where the old GW reigns supreme), and other factors that temporarily influence the weather. However, after explaining all of these circumstances, many of these shows will finish with a veiled political message about how we’re all going to die when Global Warming consumes the Earth if earthlings don’t tow the Greenie political line (insert ominous music here).


Does anyone else see these scientists and politicians, the true believers, as similar to primitive man’s fear of fire or lightening—seeing it as magic? Or like the church leaders who persecuted Galileo as a heretic for offering a reasonable—and true—opposing theory about the Earth. Hmmmm, ever see how those Global Warming true believers treat scientists who express a educated, sober, but opposing view? They say they’re past their prime, crackpots, lunatics, or bought off—remarkably, even if the scientist teaches at some little school in Boston called, MIT.


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