April 26, 2010

Steve Pomper

AMERICA: The Story of Us. Outstanding! Even Leftists Engage in Patriotic Swoon..

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I was watching the first installment of the History Channel’s excellent series: “AMERICA: The Story of Us,” tonight. They had a good blend of what might be considered fairly mainstream politically right and left celebrities such as Newt Gingrich and Tom Brokaw.

The thing that struck me about those from the left, those who tend to support the big government of President Obama, including the President, who gave series-opening comments, was their, what I thought were, heartfelt and inspiring words. It made me wonder about the apparent disconnect between their advocacy for big socialistic government and their, what seemed to be, almost subconscious visceral love of patriotic American liberty. The obvious problem: the two concepts are mutually exclusive. Liberty does not play will with big government.

It seems some on the left, like Mr. Brokaw, seem to love liberty and patriotic sacrifice, when it comes from the blur of history rather than from the clear living and breathing of today. In the special Tom Brokaw actually said something to the effect, “Americans are not a people who turn the other cheek when we’re attacked.” He smiled wryly. I love this sentiment, but I’m not sure this fits with Mr. Brokaw’s, or other left-leaners view of American foreign, or for that matter domestic, policy today, if only….


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