March 05, 2010

Steve Pomper

And Now an Income Tax; Are you Fed up Yet?

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What the hell is it with government these days? Talk about belligerent ignorance and tone deafness. The people are angry and are engaging in an ever growing tax and spend revolt, and yet both our federal and state governments are forging ahead recklessly looking to what…tax and spend. Again; what the hell?


With regard to the federal government I wrote a while back that I can’t remember having had to keep such a sharp eye on government, when I should be able to pursue my happiness, take care of my family, and trust my senators and representatives to “watch my back.” Well, rather than watching my back they keep sticking a knife in it.


Now, it seems we have to turn that sharp eye on state government as well. Seems they’re sneaking a state income tax ballot measure for next fall, during the last days of the legislative session. They “notified” the public of the meeting regarding the bill just before noon—today, and put the bill online about 30 minutes before the meeting—today, which is being held at 4:30 PM in Olympia—today. Gee, I don’t know about you, but being a taxpayer, I was actually working at that time.


Now, the method the state progressives have adopted is diabolically brilliant; Machiavelli would have been proud. Here’s the proposition: Do you want to lower your sales taxes and raise taxes on “high income” earners (the rich)? Yes or no? Wow, what a conundrum.


The first answer is a big duh, right? I mean, damn those rich people; they got all their money at the expense of the poor anyway, right? It’s not about working hard and being responsible. Yeah, right. However, as with the Sixteenth Amendment, which adopted a federal income tax, which started at 1% levied only on the “high income” earners, it soon affected a much higher portion of the population and increased in excess of 70% tax rates.


What’s going to happen is, if this were to pass, the sales tax would inevitably creep back up (or zip back up, whatever), and the income tax would grow to cover ever larger percentages of the population, and rates would surely increase.


If anyone ever wondered how our founding patriots felt about King George III, the seething anger, the sense of unfairness and impotence, well how’re you feeling about Washington D.C. and Olympia lately?


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