March 25, 2010

Steve Pomper

Answering Bill O’Reilly’s Simple Question Beyond Rep. Weiner

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Never has the smarminess of the Democratic left been so on display as with N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner during an interview on The O’Reilly Factor last night. To a simple question in the vein of, “What federal agency is responsible for enforcing the health insurance mandate?” Rep. Weiner, instead of answering the obvious, IRS, accused Bill O’Reilly of interrupting him, of spreading myths, and he simply refused to answer O’Reilly’s reasonable, one…sole…question.


Weiner said [the health insurance mandate] was no different than having to pay other taxes to government. Well, although this is not an answer to the question asked, Representative Weiner, the IRS enforces collections from those tax delinquents. So, since the Democrats selected the IRS to enforce provisions of Obamacare, then is it really that difficult to admit the IRS would enforce collecting fines from folks who fail to buy government approved health insurance?


Rep. Weiner mentioned again and again that the law specifically does not criminalize failure to purchase health insurance. This is an interesting, but not too clever trick. While technically failure to buy insurance would be a civil violation punishable by fine, should one choose not to pay the fine, which is indeed criminal, it would subject the individual to jail or prison time.


So, essentially Weiner is clearly a master of disingenuousness, and while a few viewers may have bought his deception, I’m certain a majority saw through his pathetic attempt to obfuscate the truth. Or perhaps I’m just full of myth. 


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