December 22, 2015

Anti-Gun Means Anti-Reality

Being pro-Second Amendment means having to listen to stupid stuff from anti-gun folks. But, that’s nothing new. Still, it’s important for us to talk about because that’s how we learn to counter the insanity coming at us (and, by “us,” I mean sane, rational people who exist in the real world).

Here’s a great one I’ve heard before from anti-gun pundits but not from someone I know. I had asked her since she doesn’t “believe” in guns (whatever the hell that means), if a terrorist attack occurs, would she’d rather the person next to her was armed with a gun or unarmed? She said, “Depends.”

            I asked, “On what?”

            She said, “On whether they’re trained.”

She explained that an untrained person with a gun, even with good intentions, might accidentally shoot an innocent person. Yes, really! In the midst of a homicidal, terrorist attack where a religious fanatic with a gun is shooting people—and she’s next on the list, she’s afraid the “untrained” guy or gal next to her might accidentally shoot her.

Here’s the scenario: armed jihadis smash through the office door, scream, “Allah O Akbar,” and then begin shooting people, and this gal would rather be next to an unarmed person who cannot shoot back than next to an “untrained,” armed person, who can shoot back. Oh, my!

This is what we’re dealing with, folks. Sad, ain’t it? That, for so many on the left to allow political ideology to outweigh reality, not to mention common sense, is flabbergasting (yes, I used that word. I employed an absurd word to point up an absurdity).

I’m always trying to hammer home the concept of critical thinking, because it’s, well, critical. It’s difficult to imagine yourself in a terrorist attack, but, as rare as they are, we know all too well, lately, they happen. Additionally, we have Islamist lunatics around the world reminding Americans they’d like nothing better than to kill us. Isn’t paying attention to and preparing for our personal and family security simply the act of a rational mind?

If I’m ever out somewhere and unarmed (not likely), and I’m caught up in an attack by terrorists, I don’t care if the person next to me is an eighty-six-year-old, arthritic woman. If she’s pulling out her Smith & Wesson .38 caliber, five-shot, snubby, I’d rather be next to her than next to the six-foot-five, two-hundred-sixty-pound weightlifter, who is unarmed. In that case, I could always use her gun!



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