June 15, 2010

Steve Pomper

Bizzaro Seattle

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I’ve been joking with friends lately that we’re now living in Bizzaro World. You know that world from the Superman comics where everything is the opposite of what it’s supposed to be like in our “real” world. The evidence for my observation is everywhere. Consider the following:

Yesterday on John Carlson’s show on KVI 570 Radio, John interviewed Seattle city attorney Peter Holmes about his decision to alter prosecutorial filing guidelines in order to make deporting convicted aliens (legal and illegal) more difficult. What?

And what was his reasoning? Mr. Holmes asserted “disproportional sentencing,” meaning an alien—an invited or uninvited guest—found guilty of committing a crime in the United States, or at least the City of Seattle, aside from his jail sentence and/or fines, shouldn’t suffer the additional penalty of deportation. What?

This is logic? Well, in today’s Seattle I guess it is. So, the fact there’s an additional factor that the convicted criminal “legal” alien was a guest in the U.S., and should respect that by following our laws, has no bearing whatever on Seattle’s chief prosecutor. And in the case of the convicted criminal illegal alien, this person had already committed a crime just crossing the border.

Now, I’d be the last person to say all laws are good laws. However, just as we have a right to protect our own private property from trespassers, we certainly have a right to protect our nation from the same. But I forgot, this is, after all, Bizzaro Seattle.


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