October 07, 2015

BLM Workers Refuse to Serve Cops

So, in the news lately, I’m hearing reports that some employees from some well-known fast food restaurants in several states, including Rhode Island and Texas, have been harassing cops, and in some cases refusing to serve them inspired by the ascendance of cop-haters in our country. One employee wrote, “Black Lives Matter,” on a cop’s coffee cup.

This is a disgraceful, and ignorant insult against a group of people who put their lives on the line for their communities daily. It’s especially insulting because the impetus for the derision felt—and acted on—by some Americans derives from lies perpetrated by anti-police factions, including some high-ranking people in government and perpetuated by the media. Remember, “Hands up, don’t shoot?” It never happened. Just ask former Attorney General Eric Holder.

A cop friend of mine told me a barista at a well known Seattle coffee house loudly berated him as he responded to another barista who asked him to point out the pros and cons of cops wearing body cameras. When the officer mentioned the public’s valid privacy issues, she angrily told him she’d rather be videotaped naked then let “cops get away with what they do.”

What I’m left thinking, though, isn’t about the cops that are being harassed or aren’t being served. I’m wondering about what’s happening to the food these anti-police folks are serving to cops?


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