February 13, 2008

Busy Lately

I’ve been a bit busy lately, but hope to keep up a little better with this blog in the future–yeah right; I know. Here are some of my excu…, uh I mean, reasons: Talk about Irons in the fire. What a nice “problem” to have. I’m still promoting my book, Is There a Problem, Officer?In that effort I’ve been pushing booking radio interviews. Did two last week–I think I sucked it up, but I’m improving–one in Oregon another here in Seattle with my friend Stubbs at KMPS. Tomorrow I’ve got one for a radio station near my hometown in Massachusetts: WAQY Springfield/Hartford (if you’re in the area.) 

I’m desperately trying to get the first half of the manuscript for my new book, Seattle Curiosities completed by May. (Again, let me know if you know of any weird stuff I should know about Seattle; uh, “family-friendly” weird stuff that is.)

I’ve been contacted by the http://www.officerresource.com/lawsite/ website to write articles for them. A publisher is considering taking on my novel, Two Up. And a local newspaper is considering a proposal of mine to do a column for them. And I’m sure there’s some other stuff I’ve forgotten.

Met Brian Stampfl for a cup yesterday; he’s a writer friend of mine who used to be a real cop, but now he’s just a detective. (Sorry Bri, couldn’t resist.) He has an outstanding blog; check it out–you won’t be disappointed. http://stampfl.blogspot.com/


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